Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Rosicrucian and Depopulation of the Planet -- Introduction.

I grew up less than a mile from the actual 1940's Rosicrucian ceremony grounds in Bucks County, PA. My mother taught me that these people would shoot me because I'm half Japanese and half US Caucasian mix. And, throughout my life well into adulthood, They have attempted to kill me, as the Rosicrucians' founder's grandson (Lee Clymer) was a neighbor (with his wife Cathy Clymer) to me on the street I grew up on. You can find a blurb on these Rosicrucian in the "Atlas of Secret Societies by David Barrett ." This Rosicrucian Sect have been referred to as an abusive sex cult and have been ostracized from other Rosicrucian sects in the USA for their white supremacist views and practices. They also murdered my brother in 2005 in our backyard (we are both of half-Japanese nationality).

  1. My brother told me (2004) that Lee Clymer made him work extra to CNC machine custom guns that the Rosacrucians white supremacist network sold and ran privately throughout the USA. This may or may not be part of some ultimate plan to decrease the world's population. But none the less it is heinous. There are also Federal/CIA agents and their counterparts who seek to promote drugs through these networks of Rosacrucians and their wanna be's.
  2.  The Rosacrucians Clymers are related to Representative Clymer (PA) --and have close ties to Cheney. They use "divide and conquer" and many other tactics to smokescreen their white supremacist traditional values (that may go back to Hitler).
  3. They also forced my brother to work for the Quakertown, PA irradiation plant @2002-2004 through a temporary employment agency (to cover up). They already knew that we were not supposed to be near radioactive materials. They then labeled my brother a terrorist trying to obtain uranium (in a cobalt reactor) and sent their slews of Illuminati/white trash junkies to barrage me and my brother with more murderous attacks. 
 Personal notes and their abuse never ends
  1. Over the years growing up, I'm also quite sure they use mind-control protocols and that I've been exposed to their abuse throughout my childhood. I went through an intense period after the hypervigilant activist side of me emerged after leaving Quakertown and being politically torn at the age of 17 in my 1st semester Ithaca College dorm room and ignored.
  2.  And, I had inherited land/house there from my Great Grandmom Kelley as I'm part Kelley, but they have turned me into one of their "Indigent Ethnics" as they so proudly rub in my face as they have completely decimated happiness in my life over the past 30+ years. I became an activist in High School. I later dedicated my time to fighting "the good fight" and learning from whoever I could who has skills to battle with these people. However, I have to say "C.B. you were right!!!!" They attacked me when I returned to my hometown, and I barely escaped with my life... and a duffel bag of clothes to Hawaii. I still have near nothing as I'm attacked by others who feel that they will have a place within the USA military orders if they harm me here in Hawaii.
Anyway, financially decimated and physically harmed... I'm still here.