Sunday, July 28, 2013

No Pakalolo-- please.

Trying to find an "affordable" living situation in Hawaii that allows a person to live and make deposits to their savings and trading accounts possible is difficult. Now throw in tolerating housemates who smoke DA Kine, Pakalolo, Marijuana. It's even more difficult to live around my potential allergic outbreaks of Anaphylaxis shock. My eyes immediately become uncontrollably pained and tear as if I had some extreme chemical exposure from warfare. My interior throat becomes tight, closed, and itchy as I begin to gasp for air. My nostrils become itchy and I may begin a sneezing fit if I can breath enough.
Yet my housemates find this difficult to believe. So, aside from letting them send me to the Emergency Room by exposing myself to the Girl's weed habit... I can only hope she moves out next month and takes her smoker's tooth colored glass bong along. But, since she's a "respectable Filipino" who is on a respectable rowing team here in Hawaii (12 years my junior) The Girl's disrespect lingers to me as she justifies it with her short Washington D.C. stint at the Hawaiian State legislature. And feels justified in being extra rude to those around her (in daily parking habits and other ways). Mind the fact that the first time I met her, she was smoking cigarettes and sitting in filth on a pigeon poop covered bench. My first impression of her was completely disgusting. 0
           But she's Filipino-American and I'm just Japanese trash to her and her "respectable" Hawaiian family who do well for themselves in the Hostess bar industry, and Insurance industries of Hawaii. I'm sure if her family knows, and as I've experienced with many of the older parents of people near my generation of Hawaii;;- they only laugh at newcomers and their families. This creates a wonderful atmosphere for decreased and stopped funding of all of my activities within Hawaii since my family and especially extended family chooses not to add to such an existing economy. Hawaii's feminism is severely contorted from the academic feminism I learned back in Ithaca, NY.

The Girl's behavior seems to be standard of Hawaii born.  I, being more cultured since my parents met in Tokyo, Japan and returned to settle in Philadelphia, PA. I am supposed to take pity on the locals who are 4th and 5th generation Americans and are "isolated" on these Hawaiian Islands. Though, I cannot pity their foolishness. They don't seem to have much established culture of their own and feel that ganging up on those of us who have other experiences from the East Coast. I still pray for solidarity from my home of New York, as well as some for my birth state of Pennsylvania even though I'm a first generation American.  I'm hoping the pakalolo out here in the Islands doesn't kill me from contact in the air. Trying to ask the locals not to smoke Pakalolo around me seems to be
too difficult for them to manage.