Monday, July 22, 2013

Kikuchi is Chrysanthemum Land, not kuchi that USA rapes

My mother's family name straight from Japan is Kikuchi, 菊地。It simply means, Chrysanthemum Land. When I was a young child, before I was 6 years old and the Philadelphia doctors told me my biological mother from Japan was dead, I was schooled in the horrors of rape as a young international.
This is what the USA thinks of me. This is what the USA thinks of me as a female. I was politically torn (aka Raped) by many people of the USA before they made me involuntarily become a USA national by their default laws. So, as a young dual citizen, this is what I was taught the USA is to Japan. A body of white United States Americans who disrespect me in the highest form. And, to date, this seems to remain true. I was raised in Bucks County, PA not even a mile away from the Clymer family's establishment called the Rosacrucians. They had a hand in my sister's and brother's ultimate demise. The Clymers are USA political allies with the Cheney family.
It is not a conspiracy. It is simple United States politics. I am an unwilling participant and my parents put me through this so that they could maintain their position in the United States of America's political climate.
I have no protection. I did manage to live with an old New York State senator who was Vice President of Cornell University;- she was my mentor. Her help is why I'm barely clinging to survival here in Hawaii. Hawaii is the worst climate for a professional international female that I have ever lived in in my ENTIRE life. This state needs to change for the positive.

However, they say I should be more Christian and "Forgive" all the men who rape and will rape me in the USA because they bombed the very country;- with atomic weapons, that my heritage is from.

I have no reason to continue since I have no personal benefit at this point in time. And, if the USA riff raft of USA military and Legal bodies continue to treat me as such;- I can only hope for their demise since I don't wish this type of life on anyone. Though, I wish they could experience the Extreme magnitude that they have exposed me to;- only in their personal lives and loosing their loved ones who cannot be replaced by any TV set or appliance that they could purchase.