Monday, July 22, 2013

APEC, Security, & Hawaii State 1st District Court Honolulu

So, for whatever reason, the Hawaii State prosecutor was against me and continues to be against my existence, as most matters in the Hawaii State 1st District Court of Honolulu have been Handled. This morning I appeared as a witness, who didn't receive a subpoena and only a letter, because the Prosecutor is trying to throw me in Jail (for not appearing) since I am from a large Japanese family and she seems to have a complex because I don't have as much acne as she does.  The Hawaii State 1st District Court has made judgements against my Civil rights since last year. This morning was no better. They have upheld everything from my being wrongly thrown out of my living space, to letting members of the U.S. Military and intelligence community make murder attempts on me. I am the last blood family member who can actually bridge one small Export-Import gap between APEC's newly considered Trans-Pacific Partnership member nation of Japan and the United States for the next generation. I attended some of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation meetings in November 2011 and had to walk into the Highly secured Waikiki meeting protected by gunmen with M16's.
Given the actions of Hawaii State Police aka, Honolulu Police Department, the U.S. Navy, and the U.S. Army as well as actions taken against my life by other member(s) of Homeland Security (which are ongoing). I have recently been warned that I will not be able to leave Hawaii alive and that I will be killed on my plane flight out of here since there are human traffickers who are against everything that I stand for and have much to loose. Additionally, I have been warned that Homeland Security and I.N.S. may deport me as a "Sex slave" in order to complicate international politics further. They have already destroyed my life in the past 1.75 years especially here on Oahu.
 I think that most Military and Law enforcement bodies in Hawaii are trying to uphold their stake in illegal activities within the Hawaiian Islands. And, it is my sincere belief that they are trying to further the exploitation and sale of Asian women, including myself, since that is where monies for the Hawaiian tax base and payoffs to the legal/law enforcement community are found so they can maintain their security clearances.
Just a thought. Japan 2013 and APEC as well as a Japan National "NSA" style security setup being implemented are still not going to save other USA - JAPAN security agreements that have been  ignored since Hiroshima was bombed.\\

In all honesty, I know that the locals of Hawaii don't behave any better than the Mainland biggots who have power. However, they are a detriment to the future of minorities who may need to relocate from Hawaii to other racially biased places of the USA.