Tuesday, July 23, 2013

180 days to go

July 22nd, 2013 at 8AM in the First District Court of Honolulu;- the ex-nuclear submarine engineer plead guilty to a charge of Harassment rather than waiting till July 24, 2013 for my appearance as a State witness in what HPD defied as "abuse."
This was the 4th very violent attack made on me by this young 26 year old man. Because of his security clearance, it seems that Hawaii and law enforcement have given him one year of leeway in all incidents that I have reported. This last incident involved me fighting for my life and for consciousness. And, he is a known drunk at bars and for being in fights.
The newly assigned Hawaii State prosecutor never contacted me regarding the case. She also refused to make time to discuss anything with me. Though this new prosecutor seems to be of Japanese descent, she also seems very biased against me as a 1st generation American who is of direct Japanese national descent. (I was advised of the hatred Japanese-Americans in Hawaii are veraciously against those of us who have a direct connection to Japan).
The public that has encountered and witnessed the attacks made on me by this Navy engineer put pressure on me in April 2012 to get a Temporary Restraining Order on the Navy Officer. The restraining order was granted in May 2012. The Navy engineer did many things in order to prevent the TRO from being known by his Commanding Officer. This included more than 6-8 months of his
behavior getting me thrown out of my apartments, having his fellow Navy Officers stalk me and take my phone, His damaging my working laptops and phones as well as many other personal belongings I had, and being verbally and mentally abusive to me for hours on end.
Hawaii State supports this behavior because of their need for men like him to feed their Hostess bar and Sex trade industries. It is a well known fact that the State encourages these men to absolute drunkeness so that they can collect more money in DUI's and other legal matters, as well as fining bars and their workers.  And, that the State supports "soft" sex slavery and human trafficking where women wind up stuck in Hawaii and the Law Enforcement does nothing to help protect women. In fact, over the course of the past 1 year and 4 months I have learned many TRO's are issued against officers of the Honolulu Police Department. Additionally, they target people flying into this island state through the forms that are required to be filled out on the plane (as if entering another country).
Furthermore, the network of Attorneys is not like the networks on the Mainland. It is in fact more exclusive as law firms and attorneys collaborate, organize, and manipulate their clients' legal conflicts of interest.  This is something that the local Courts overlook, as it is yet another way for this Island State to maintain some financial influx in this remote economy.
So, today, I broke down in tears because my previous lifestyle has been mostly decimated by the Military and Law enforcement community here in Hawaii. I have lost a tremendous amount of time, personal dignity, years of paid work, as well as my musical talent going to waste in this rotten and virtually un-cultured Island economy. I'm not certain as to how to re-establish my life, and on my own terms;- since this State of Hawaii has taken away the very things that made my life independent and respectable.
The only light is that;-  Hopefully, the Ex-nuclear engineer will be discharged from the Navy and the 12 or so nuclear submarine reactors will sit in Pearl Harbor and Hawaii's surrounding waters a bit safer.