Saturday, June 29, 2013


The true reason for hackers watch you through hacked friends' and contacts' on social media is most likely a legal reason.  It is extremely, I mean extremely difficult to obtain restraining orders. And, The more friends/contacts you have, the more portals there are for 1x use. It was difficult for me to get a restraining order since the hacker got into one of my friends' accounts to monitor my activity, posting, photos, etc. Additionally, there are many "dummy" accounts that Feds and related security agents set up in order to join your social networking site. So, every once in a while it is really healthy to cleanup your contacts if you don't remember the person, or are just adding for adage sake.  The intelligence/security team online hacks IMDB/Facebook/ other accounts with any associated emails. Addresses, phone, accounts can be hacked. They can track and trace anyone. Additionally, they may have extra access to your living space, security boxes at banks, and other "low security" areas of your life such as work lockers, locked car, etc. And, it may become frustrating when they take your ID's and credit cards from your home only to return them later to your safe deposit box. As a good friend of mine once told me... It doesn't matter if "they" know,  what matters is that you know.

PHONE-- beware when: battery dies rapidly

Additionally, Security Agents who may be acting on their own selfish behalf, can easily sting your  phone or handheld for tracking and monitoring. Typically this is noticed by a quickly depleting battery. The Army agents I spoke with advised not to carry Samsung Galaxy due to ease of planting viruses/bugs with a simple swipe of a phone. Other tactics to direct your phone, ipad, or other device to a site that will bug/virus your computer include changing the QR  code sticker at a place that you might frequent or on the computer screen of the page you are swiping.  There doesn't seem to be much that is capable of preventing this from happening. However, there are some "suggested" apps that can be downloaded (HEHEHEHEHEH evil laughter) to limit access to your phone, and scan it for viruses. Plus you have to encrypt your phone (which may require your own software designer).

Essentially, the only real protocol is to obtain a new phone and number and hope the hacker can't hack your phone provider account. (GOOD LUCK~!!!!) You will have to shut down any and all current pages on Facebook, and other social media sites. This is because accessing the sites on new and untraceable computers/phones/handhelds will give your "Security Agent" hacker a trail to follow you. The security agents try to force people into doing this, only to set up a new account with your name and contacts for their use.

I'm writing this from Oahu Hawaii.  It is an ISLAND economy.  It's about as controlled as any environment gets, and the Security Agents here as well as Hospitals, etc.  exploit those who arrive on the island for everything including any insurances you carry since it creates revenue. I've heard too many stories of people and families who traveled to Hawaii never to return from their vacation. And, it's happened mostly due to some accident or calamity. It was not due to Hawaii being the cheery vacation place that we think of in our minds (despite some of the lies to save face). Hawaii is very much like Africa. There are the super wealthy and then many struggling for survival being compromised by an influx of mainland homeless being sent to the Islands as an act of compassion.

It's fairly hopeless. Yes.

Dummy phones that allow you to dial 911 seem like an objective choice. Not a great one since even the way NCIS (Navy Criminal Investigative Services) present an ID a 3 yr old could make on the computer and can appear like Christian Sex traffickers around Honolulu, Hawaii.

Someone hacked the hacker and traced the Hack's signal back to an Airhanger in Waianae, HI.

So, my update on the REALITY of being in Hawaii 1.5years after the 2011 APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) meeting that I would have attended in full if my "Security agent" menace hadn't taken most all of the monies I make. I received a blessing gift so that I could attend the ABAC portion of the meeting before Japan decided to join APEC the following day.

I landed in Honolulu at HNL airport on Feb 1, 2009 before the Lehman Bros. fiasco going on back home. This was supposed to be my bi-annual 1 month vacation. One Month. period. Story in Short;- A federal agent or shall I say Security Contractor who tracked me down on YouTube and met me at the Airport. Yep. All over after that. My one month plans got sunk in 20 minutes as he was a cold, unemotional, A-HOLE extraordinaire with a Keeanu Reeves type action figure voice going.
Nearly 3 years later in October 2012, I was woken up with the presence of 2 Army officials (E9) at the door of the place I was staying @  6:00Am. They requested that all household members that could, file for a Civilian Restraining Order on the above mentioned "Security agent".  Noone in the household knew the prior history between myself and the Security contractor. So, after spending a chunk of the week trying for their TRO, I reluctantly applied for TRO at the request of an official Army Investigation. The TRO hearing dragged out for nearly a full 6 months with the Defense going through every menial text message ever sent in a nearly 300page stack of communications. Reluctantly, due to time and other financial and life threatening events that occurred during the course of the Temporary Restraining Order hearing, I requested a dismissal with a meager settlement of less than 1% of the monies I earned that were extorted from me by the Security Contractor.