Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Why I am "insane"

For many years in the USA I've endured extreme discrimination and human rights violations against my person, my livelihood, and my life. Nearly all of my dreams for my life have vanished in entirety and with the death of my siblings.
My so called friends, such as many people on my Facebook and in my life, are psychologically abusive and also harbor and support white supremacist beliefs;- since many "friends" are from my hometown, and my past.
I'm also not proud of being forced to live the life of an "activist" on the East Coast because it is a sure sign of the extreme suppression and abuse that I have had to endure. Activism was a way for me to survive at a bare bones minimum for my life when being attacked, abducted, assaulted, and violated in rich/wealthy caucasian neighborhoods where I was employed as a classical piano teacher/faculty.
My so called friends and others around me such as "employers" as they call themselves enjoy making light/fun of my alleged family in Japan. These friends and "employers" have no way of proving and are not wealthy enough to be entitled to information about my relations in Japan. Additionally, because they suppress and have suppressed not only my success in my life to make peaceful options available;- they would like to "prescribe" medication to me for my claiming such "outrageous" things such as being related to certain individuals in Japan, or having a decent life. I have found that this includes many other Japanese-Americans in the USA/Hawaii who enjoy their lives that they have built in the USA in the sex trade and related "Hawaiian & Asian professions".
I find their presence and interaction in my life intolerable, demeaning, and insulting.
However, just like normal Americans of any race or ethnicity;- the people I have met in Hawaii have only used me to take any earnings that I had to create and develop what I came to Hawaii to do. I am only if anything left with basic shelter, clothes, and food. It has literally been a miserable 8 years since my life has been dismantled by others in the American public from Pennsylvania/New York and to Hawaii.