Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I'm Getting tossed on the Streets by Hawaii & Federal Court

I'm living in Waikiki, my shortest tenancy in Hawaii to date. There's NOONE to actually enforce the "illegal utility shut-off" at my current residence, yet there is a Humane Society to provide Air Conditioning to the dogs and cats of Oahu. And, in theory;- there should have been some sort of protection for me as a tenant as this is a violation of my rights. And so, because I speak English, yet have no help to defend myself from the exploitation of my situation in the United States;- I'm getting tossed on the street It seems;- by May 31st, with only 22 days notice that have been absorbed by 22 days of court filing/research/consumer complaints, etc. And, includes 1 electrical fire on the Morning of Friday May 18th, 2012 in the PH-2 unit with an adjoining wall to PH-1 where I reside.

"Such conduct is deemed to be an unfair and deceptive act and practice and could subject the landlord to damages of a minimum of the greater of three times the monthly rent, or $1000 and an additional civil penalty from $500 to $10,000 for every day of violation." from website

So, I have no relatives, no actual friends who can assist me, and am out of money. I will not live in a shelter situation. And, at this point;- this seems to be my exodus of Hawaii, the USA,  OR my Career choice that was my life;- I'm not sure which exactly.

Needless to say;- that I read in a US Bankruptcy Court Document that is related to this situation that the Representing law firm of the Housing Association of the Building where I currently reside today;- Has stated in their motion/docket that the landlord is helping me to "Defraud" their Association out of utilities while there is what is called an "Automatic Stay" that has been put in place to protect my landlord from Utility Cut-Off situation. I believe it's called Defamation of my Character/Libel per se and Malicious Prosecution against my District Court filed Ex Parte TRO against Unlawful Utility Cut Off that was filed the day before their Docket was filed in District Court.

So... Yes. I'm done with Hawaii. There is no remedy for my situation and I'm beyond fed up trying to live in the USA;- after everyone punished me for being related to some of Imperial Japan's past and Architectural Giants on the Globe.

You have killed me with nearly 40 years of discrimination and blatant human rights violations against my person, that no court or attorney would even attempt to protect. I will be dead before succumbing to a shelter or prostituting the streets of Hawaii. FED UP.