Thursday, April 19, 2012

Reason no.#### i'm still not married

So, the other day, my new "love of my life-boyfriendish" tells me he has some things on his camera. I looked quick and found a smattering of videos of girls in his bed in some place overseas. And, some photos of him with some "not so attractive" Asian women in Hong Kong, and confirmed prostitutes, yes more than one, he was kissing on a chair in November (when I was at APEC). So, after I dropped pressing charges (so he can keep his job) for some Assault 3 charges on him from Easter weekend. (despite being Designated Driver the weekend before putting up with his rantings and his drunken shipmate on their own independent excursion) Tried to ignore his excessive drunken rough housing with me this past weekend-- leaving a bump on my head from his head butting me. We are officially done. That's aside from him having his ex-wife & baby momma sleeping at his place next week without bringing his son to visit. And, after a smattering of unfulfilled things he said he'd do to help me.

I don't think he, like other sailors and soldiers, thinks that I could be at all offended by his behavior. Or that I'm entitled to protect myself. Or that the apology I want is something I should be given. And, as an Asian-American woman who had talent, college degree, and career work I am completely disrespected here in Hawaii.