Monday, March 26, 2012

Vent on: Military men in Hawaii

Dating the US military guy...
This is difficult. Then add in extra difficulty if you're like me and Asian/Japanese type of woman in the sense that you aren't American homespun with all of your relevant family in the USA. Military men seem to think that because I currently live in Hawaii;- means that I'm o.k. with what I consider a nightmarish prostitution/hostess bar scene that Hawaii State regulates. Fact is: I never saw a hostess bar or typical Asian prostitution scene until I moved to Hawaii. And, I don't like it.

Dating & relationship pet peeves that irritate me and lead to relationship failure:

1. Military guys who give porn to my male friends saying they think it's me on the video (note: this applies to a plethora f-ton of American guys (B/W/other) who have little to no decent relationships with Asian women they have met overseas at strip bars or hired as prostitutes. Hawaii seems to tolerate this behavior a ton.

2. Military guys who get back from deployment having an Asian or specifically Japanese porn addiction;- thinking that I'll be o.k. with their Asian porn association to my personality. This applies to most guys in the USA since most of their experience with Asian/Japanese women is watching and looking at porn. They don't care that I was raised with Christian values, and so I have to try and pick the "less scummy" guys out of the pile, or stay single.

3. Military guys who think that because they watch Asian porn;- it's o.k. to be mentally and emotionally numb to my feelings. Military guys feel they are more deserving to treat me badly in this sense because they have "earned" it through their service. Trying for an apology from them is usually unsuccessful.

The majority of American guys I meet, and even spend time with eventually bring any hope of a relationship to a sudden halt. Mostly, because they just see me as something to be used. Their behavior has gotten to be so tired, repulsive, and contrary to anything I want my life to come in contact with it's making my staying in the States highly improbable. Respect for me teeters on the brink of disaster daily;- and if I'm lucky maybe weekly.