Tuesday, January 03, 2012


I feel like I've been demolished over the New Year's Holiday. And, some of what I posted about my fearing my "Krav Maga" instructor is because his stress level is high. And, I have been the unlucky soul to see him loose control. And, with his protective parents (mind that he's encroaching on 50 yrs. old) and community behind his martial arts training and teaching. I have found over the past almost 3 years that they support his hurting people like me who are outsiders. The Mililani Town Association apparently doesn't have a "Blighted" homes list or website alerting people to things like his parents residence in the community. And, they seem to be making great exceptions to their condition. However, every letter that he claims to have gotten bring new unrest in my life. I am drained emotionally from this topsy turvy town and its parents and inhabitants. I also realize that I have to watch my back because I am not willing to be his victim through this last portion of his home remodeling. And, because he has presence in what seems to me to be nearly every martial art on Oahu and in Hawaii with over 30 black belts in various arts and some 5-6 or more Grandmaster titles in various arts.
If he really was that strong he wouldn't have felt the need to take away from my life. And, if he really was that strong he wouldn't need that many people to help abuse me. Today, my chest feels like it's in great pain and I am under great stress. These are some of the most embarassing posts of my life. However, somehow, I have survived to write them under his threats.