Monday, November 07, 2011

Reflection;- China/USA business relation

What does the China/ USA business relationship mean to the masses of out of work Americans?
First, we have to look at a simple fact;- Many Americans value money over human life.
The Average US worker in almost any industry spends probably 25% or more of their time at work complaining. Usually the complaint is that they are not making enough money for their work. The next part is that the US business owner, especially over the past 15 years, has gotten weary of hearing the complaints. And, for a fraction of the cost of keeping the US worker employed;- The business owner can outsource the work to China and hire a manager and his factory workers to do the work. Now, the production of goods costs the US business owner less and takes up less of the owner's time. This means that the US business owner can now start other entrepreneurial ventures and take away work from more US workers. And, the US business owner still has even more time!
Now, what about the Chinese business owner and manager and his factory workers? Well, they are doing all of the work that the US workers used to do at a fraction of the cost. When it was just a little bit of work, things were o.k. Then, the work being sent to China got to be overwhelming and instead of complaining to the Boss, the factory workers decide how to resolve their issues. Sometimes, they simply don't listen to the Chinese boss, and make a product to be sent to the USA green instead of red. Other times, they might be short ingredients for food and add toxic lead powder to dust the otherwise edible noodles. And, even things that are meant to be made of stone or a gem can be made of a very good yet toxic fake plastic to be sent to the USA. This way China's precious resources are not leaving the country;- yet they still have toxic by products of the plastics and other materials from which they made parts, toys, shoes, etc.
But, for the most part up into the early 2000's this behavior went relatively unnoticed and could be controlled. And, both USA & Chinese business owners & managers were happy they had more money and time. The workers on both sides got fed up but were controlled.
Now, it's been 15 years, and the USA & Chinese workers see the numbers and the demand from the USA public consumer. The consumer wants more product at a lower cost. So, the only way to do so is to send more work to China and other poorer nations where the work can be done in "sweat shops".
The USA financial industry and banking system Culture is foreign to China. And, so China shows some interest in adopting this system of mortgages, banking, and credit since (until the last 2 mos) the USA seemed to thrive with this system. The USA finance industry would be happy to negotiate and do business with some Chinese business persons to do the same thing in China.
The one thing that is any country person's option to survive is to join their country's military.
Eventually, this may take more than 10 years, but war is on the horizon. And, it is because many
people do not value human life and want to chase dollar bills and American money. There is a trade off to live a dream, even for a short time. That trade off, as we can see today, is going to come in the form of war, poverty, and strife. Not even mentioning the environmental problems we have today as a result of pollution, overpopulation, and global warming.