Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Thoughts after APEC

Someone, outside of APEC should create an Intellectual Safety Zone to protect Intellectual property of those who create. That is outside of the governance and support of APEC companies and those who choose to work for APEC related companies. The threat of Espionage is already high.

The Intellectual Safety Zone is not going to happen in USA Universities and institutions where many professors already contract with APEC organizations. However, this does not mean that such an intellectual safety zone would not be of Benefit to APEC. It seems that for small businesses, this type of zone and trust needs to exist somewhere. Otherwise, without trust, such a place should exist to benefit humanity and the people of the world can make donation to support such a community working on their behalf, and regardless of APEC involvement.

This would include everything from testing of new building materials, substrates, technologies, and like items that can be part of building a healthier and ecologically more sound world community. And, so that, the creators of such products could live comfortably without fear of destruction due to increasing industrial espionage and competition in a volatile world where natural disaster is becoming commonplace.