Friday, November 11, 2011

My APEC confusion.

When I attended Yesterday's Nov. 10, 2011 APEC / ABAC public meeting, the only people representing Japan were Caucasian/blue eyed older Americans from Philadelphia area. I was told that they represent Japan because they have offices in Japan. He was the same type of person, who in Pennsylvania area would probably be trying to kill me (type of thing that I've been running away from for the past 7-8 years especially and 6 years since my brother's death) I know my mom taught some of the "Caucasian Americans" @ New Hope how to speak Japanese since they didn't believe her children--Namely me, my now deceased brother and sister were human. They took our bi-lingual life away from us and then I was later told to pay the USA over $100,000 to learn basic Japanese that an elementary level Japanese student spoke at the Cornell Falcon program in Ithaca, New York.

Since Yesterday, Nov. 10, 2011 Japan has joined APEC and FTA Free Trade Agreement talks.