Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Journal Entry. personal.

I've learned quickly, that my internet information that I receive on my phone manipulated and often inaccurate so that I am left "unsafe" (such as bus schedule access & being stranded, calling people, etc). I'd love to live a more predictable life and safe life, and am open to ex-patriating at this point in time. It's been a very very difficult time for me to stay in the USA for the past 8 going on 9 years, due to USA politics and many domestic people being dead set against any USA business interaction with Asia. I moved to Hawaii since there is a Japanese-American community here;- however I hate to burden anyone with the prospect of starting international business during this USA economic crisis. I will not be handed Japanese money to start a company and have my life compromised further in USA territory, as the USA business climate particularly around Philadelphia, PA;- Doylestown, PA;- Allentown, PA, Ithaca, NY, and Manhattan, NY has depreciated my status and tries to depreciate my international business connections by creating excessive legalities, not paying me the normal percentage for projects & contracts I have worked on, not putting me on an employee payroll, etc.

I have examined the potential of starting international business;- and only found one or two small groups of people over the past decade and a half on the east coast who are willing and able to do the work to create such a company, and have commenced on their own.

Most all of my 1st generation American Friends have also left the United States since (9-11 and in the past 3 years) there are few options and our future prospects in the USA looked slim, as policymakers write new American Policies that are designed to discriminate against our first amedment rights to exist in the USA. Those laws are then further justified by any US citizen to the point where certain locales in the USA are now "dangerous and life threatning" to cosmopolitan families. Except in the case where the USA chooses to manipulate foreign economies by allowing certain families to succeed.

Just a thought today...