Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Journal Entry. personal.

I've learned quickly, that my internet information that I receive on my phone manipulated and often inaccurate so that I am left "unsafe" (such as bus schedule access & being stranded, calling people, etc). I'd love to live a more predictable life and safe life, and am open to ex-patriating at this point in time. It's been a very very difficult time for me to stay in the USA for the past 8 going on 9 years, due to USA politics and many domestic people being dead set against any USA business interaction with Asia. I moved to Hawaii since there is a Japanese-American community here;- however I hate to burden anyone with the prospect of starting international business during this USA economic crisis. I will not be handed Japanese money to start a company and have my life compromised further in USA territory, as the USA business climate particularly around Philadelphia, PA;- Doylestown, PA;- Allentown, PA, Ithaca, NY, and Manhattan, NY has depreciated my status and tries to depreciate my international business connections by creating excessive legalities, not paying me the normal percentage for projects & contracts I have worked on, not putting me on an employee payroll, etc.

I have examined the potential of starting international business;- and only found one or two small groups of people over the past decade and a half on the east coast who are willing and able to do the work to create such a company, and have commenced on their own.

Most all of my 1st generation American Friends have also left the United States since (9-11 and in the past 3 years) there are few options and our future prospects in the USA looked slim, as policymakers write new American Policies that are designed to discriminate against our first amedment rights to exist in the USA. Those laws are then further justified by any US citizen to the point where certain locales in the USA are now "dangerous and life threatning" to cosmopolitan families. Except in the case where the USA chooses to manipulate foreign economies by allowing certain families to succeed.

Just a thought today...

Warm sun

Hawaii dawn....with vog?

Warm sun

Hawaii dawn....with vog?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Smartphone Etiquette for the Classic Dinner Date [Infographic]

Smartphone Etiquette for the Classic Dinner Date [Infographic] This didn't include the, let your date know you're bringing a newspaper to hide behind in case someone you know walks in.

Smartphone Etiquette for the Classic Dinner Date [Infographic]

Smartphone Etiquette for the Classic Dinner Date [Infographic] This didn't include the, let your date know you're bringing a newspaper to hide behind in case someone you know walks in.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Why FTA?

Thoughts on FTA's after APEC 2011 (in editing)
WTO & IMF are largely based on currencies in their participating economies.
My terminology:
1. Permanent goods (Land, air, water, etc.)
2. Impermanent goods (Clothing, Technology, Machinery)
3. Transient goods (Oil, Food, etc- goods that change molecular form due to consumer useage)
4. Farms
5. Skilled labor

Impermanent Goods:- Some Goods live in a deteriorating and depreciating Circular system.
To found a People's bank where goods produced in currency poor nations can be the “traded goods they create". These 'created goods for trade' can be traded for other goods that they need from another nation, and free of any currency related tariff.
Establish a banking system that is not based on currencies is important where such goods are not permanent. These goods, such as clothing, technology, and machinery deteriorate, change, and disintegrate over time. So, they hold little world value based on long term life sustainability. And, the methods by which these goods are created is negligable since some families still wear clothing that is hand made, some people use modes of transportation that they develop on their own, and those who invent will use their own machines to accomplish their ends. However, the goods and products that are created and needed for use to create more world sustainable still have potential to be created from these lesser "models" of Impermanent goods.

The automobile has not changed that much, except in some efficiency and design elements in 100+ years. And, regardless of the age of the vehicle;- it is impermanent based on accidents and other instances that cause its destruction. And, the "admired" currency value of this good is no longer "supporting" sustainability since it implies that the user purchase more transient goods regularly. To ultimately depreciate this good from the currency market and put it into a trade market that has no currency value might change value systems towards sustainability. Additionally, the consumption of transient goods needs to change or be highly taxed.

A Worldwide banking system that is based on the wholesale value of goods based on time and resources. Man hours are logged per person. Machinery hours are logged for usage. This seems like a socialist system. However, only the end product will hold a trade value, regardless of the method of creation. In theory, the more pieces of clothing or machinery produced will hold greater value due to quantity. However, it is not be a necessary means for everyone to obtain such goods as clothing and machinery since it will be outside of a currency system.
Countries, people and corporations can approach the "impermanent goods" People's bank with the list of items that are needed, and what they can possibly do, produce, etc. in exchange for those goods. In part, because there are many industry workers (sales and banking representatives for example) who need clothing, computers, and vehicles in order to “do business”. Many of these people take out personal loans on lines of credit for these goods. Though, they are only “freeing up” more currencies (find percentage) to be spent in the retail market on similar depreciating and deteriorating goods. These items and “free spending” of currency is not controlled, regardless of country, nationality, and race or gender.

Other items, concerning operations of business and permanent goods such as land, wind, sun, need a separate "banking" system, if any. However, levels of an aparment building or sky-scraper could be considered impermanent goods and be traded with peoples of any nation or labor group. Rather than creating new credit and mortgage systems in nations whose people are working (though low-paid on the currency system), a stock of impermanent goods can be traded with peoples based on delivery and safe arrival of goods in exchange for impermanent good homes that they would have full ownership of in said apartments, offices, other impermanent good locations that they could live inside the borders of a participating nation/people's.
Impermanent goods affect Insurances
In the USA car owners carry insurance on their vehicle(s). By devaluing items such as automobiles etc. currency/monies can be used for individuals to carry insurance on their lives, health & medical, as well as a legal insurance. This way, even minority individuals who could not previously afford their own health care, legal representation, work insurance, etc. would be able to afford insurances for such protections in the USA (provided such medical, legal, companies do exist).
^ This point of view was largely influenced by American Wealth from some of the top 100 wealthiest places to live in the USA. Many of those wealthy residents would claim that they are "poor" because they have no currency wealth and are not "liquid." This affected me greatly as a contracting instructor at US 501C3's in such communities because I was not paid my full wage or even placed on a payroll for working full employee hours for organizations. Additionally, these people controlled media and took credit for my work and accused me of slander in addition to running up my debt and them living off of my personal funds in addition to seeking scholarship funding for not being in a currency "liquid" state.
Transient goods: the world's natural resources, food itself, bio-fuels.
These are the goods that literally support life or take away life of any species.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Thoughts after APEC

Someone, outside of APEC should create an Intellectual Safety Zone to protect Intellectual property of those who create. That is outside of the governance and support of APEC companies and those who choose to work for APEC related companies. The threat of Espionage is already high.

The Intellectual Safety Zone is not going to happen in USA Universities and institutions where many professors already contract with APEC organizations. However, this does not mean that such an intellectual safety zone would not be of Benefit to APEC. It seems that for small businesses, this type of zone and trust needs to exist somewhere. Otherwise, without trust, such a place should exist to benefit humanity and the people of the world can make donation to support such a community working on their behalf, and regardless of APEC involvement.

This would include everything from testing of new building materials, substrates, technologies, and like items that can be part of building a healthier and ecologically more sound world community. And, so that, the creators of such products could live comfortably without fear of destruction due to increasing industrial espionage and competition in a volatile world where natural disaster is becoming commonplace.

APEC 2011 Taxpayer Dollars at Work

My 11.11.11 APEC Security photos.

Friday, November 11, 2011

re: my communication

Just a note: I was just blogging from Halekulani where APEC is Hosted because
1. I cannot receive internet service at home since wi-fi doesn't reach, and because companies like Hawaiian Telecom tell me that my address does not exist.
2. I also have not been able to acquire a landline for the same ^ reason.

This has been this way since I have not had to share services with housemates.

My APEC confusion.

When I attended Yesterday's Nov. 10, 2011 APEC / ABAC public meeting, the only people representing Japan were Caucasian/blue eyed older Americans from Philadelphia area. I was told that they represent Japan because they have offices in Japan. He was the same type of person, who in Pennsylvania area would probably be trying to kill me (type of thing that I've been running away from for the past 7-8 years especially and 6 years since my brother's death) I know my mom taught some of the "Caucasian Americans" @ New Hope how to speak Japanese since they didn't believe her children--Namely me, my now deceased brother and sister were human. They took our bi-lingual life away from us and then I was later told to pay the USA over $100,000 to learn basic Japanese that an elementary level Japanese student spoke at the Cornell Falcon program in Ithaca, New York.

Since Yesterday, Nov. 10, 2011 Japan has joined APEC and FTA Free Trade Agreement talks.

APEC Leader's week- Receive Lei

Just happened behind me. APEC Leaders Week, Delegates receiving Lei @ 5PM Hawaii Time.

APEC & IP = Espionage

Espionage just turned into totally legal and profitable piracy since the having to register and file ideas and patents is the primary identifier of whose technology and information it is. Those engaged in stealing trade secrets can now whole heartedly profit from it. The small business owner, who may be working on behalf of improving society, may loose entirely to large business because of this "File First" ownership identification of intellectual property. And, the File First, is going to happen dependent of jurisdiction?

APEC/ SME- Concern

My personal biggest concern for SME's using the "free tools" that the US Govt. will make available to small business is in the accuracy of the information of regulations put forth by the US government and with regards to regulations in other governments. With the Cloud being used, with data being stored in multiple locations,
and with updates and in addition to a discussion about corruption over borders rather than domestic corruption;- the small business may be the rickety rope bridge and it may be the only bridge, that a larger company will later be able to expand.

Cloud and Small Biz.

The Cloud offers a way for nearly anyone to have the technology tools that large enterprise businesses use at a fraction of the cost. Big businesses have taken advantage of these "free" to low cost technologies found online for years. When one looks at the numbers on it, their savings are huge over a workforce of 1000's. So, it is to the Cost advantage of a compact to mid-sized business owner to use when expanding and growing their business.

However, the downside of using the Cloud for the streamlined small businesses is potentially threating to their very existence. This threat is in how the data is distributed in the Cloud. The Cloud doesn't tell us where our highly refined data is stored for security purposes. And, the Cloud isn't mentioning if our data is stored in multiple countries such as Germany, Japan, China, Austrailia, etc. at the same time. So, our intellectual property is now falling under and in jurisdictions that smaller businesses do not have legal representation. In this Cloud, where the small business cannot see physically where things are, we are held at a disadvantage.

Aside: Another question I have is why isn't there a licensing body, that can find all the attributes of any document and allow "anyone" to register for a license to use the copyrighted materials? This is more like using something like "Limelight" for registering a mechanical license to record a song that someone else wrote. Maybe, in time something like this will be available and usable.

ABAC Small Medium Enterprise Symposium

IP, Intelectual property rights panel put forth "the First to file" discussion at Topics for Small Medium Enterprises at the Public Meeting and ABAC SME Symposium November 10, 2011 at the Halekulani in Waikiki, Hawaii. Other topics, that were generally covered, included discussion about 1. Using the Cloud for SME's (Small Medium Enterprises) to grow the business & how SME's can be "nimble" and staat responsive in crisis situations for business support 2. Import-Export insurances, 3. Ethical businesses raise the GDP of nations, Corrupt nations have lower GDP. 4. Policy control to enable rather than inhibit small businesses 5. SME's doing the groundwork for Large businesses and trying to maintain a level playing field for SME's to compete.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Reflection;- China/USA business relation

What does the China/ USA business relationship mean to the masses of out of work Americans?
First, we have to look at a simple fact;- Many Americans value money over human life.
The Average US worker in almost any industry spends probably 25% or more of their time at work complaining. Usually the complaint is that they are not making enough money for their work. The next part is that the US business owner, especially over the past 15 years, has gotten weary of hearing the complaints. And, for a fraction of the cost of keeping the US worker employed;- The business owner can outsource the work to China and hire a manager and his factory workers to do the work. Now, the production of goods costs the US business owner less and takes up less of the owner's time. This means that the US business owner can now start other entrepreneurial ventures and take away work from more US workers. And, the US business owner still has even more time!
Now, what about the Chinese business owner and manager and his factory workers? Well, they are doing all of the work that the US workers used to do at a fraction of the cost. When it was just a little bit of work, things were o.k. Then, the work being sent to China got to be overwhelming and instead of complaining to the Boss, the factory workers decide how to resolve their issues. Sometimes, they simply don't listen to the Chinese boss, and make a product to be sent to the USA green instead of red. Other times, they might be short ingredients for food and add toxic lead powder to dust the otherwise edible noodles. And, even things that are meant to be made of stone or a gem can be made of a very good yet toxic fake plastic to be sent to the USA. This way China's precious resources are not leaving the country;- yet they still have toxic by products of the plastics and other materials from which they made parts, toys, shoes, etc.
But, for the most part up into the early 2000's this behavior went relatively unnoticed and could be controlled. And, both USA & Chinese business owners & managers were happy they had more money and time. The workers on both sides got fed up but were controlled.
Now, it's been 15 years, and the USA & Chinese workers see the numbers and the demand from the USA public consumer. The consumer wants more product at a lower cost. So, the only way to do so is to send more work to China and other poorer nations where the work can be done in "sweat shops".
The USA financial industry and banking system Culture is foreign to China. And, so China shows some interest in adopting this system of mortgages, banking, and credit since (until the last 2 mos) the USA seemed to thrive with this system. The USA finance industry would be happy to negotiate and do business with some Chinese business persons to do the same thing in China.
The one thing that is any country person's option to survive is to join their country's military.
Eventually, this may take more than 10 years, but war is on the horizon. And, it is because many
people do not value human life and want to chase dollar bills and American money. There is a trade off to live a dream, even for a short time. That trade off, as we can see today, is going to come in the form of war, poverty, and strife. Not even mentioning the environmental problems we have today as a result of pollution, overpopulation, and global warming.