Saturday, December 03, 2011

re: USA Police/Military State- react locally

Part of a solution should be Towns setting up more political sanctuaries free from police force/ military being used to seek and detain citizens. Ithaca, NY was set up as a political sanctuary since the Cuban missile crisis. To give residents time to flee, if necessary, not using local police/ military force can be a stipulation of the city government. Of course heightened border security affects this game to flee to Canada or Mexico. Of course, this has only been used to protect citizens and ambassadors with close ties to foreign governments. What a military state will really mean, is hypothetical.

Make a local commitment to protect life within.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Journal Entry. personal.

I've learned quickly, that my internet information that I receive on my phone manipulated and often inaccurate so that I am left "unsafe" (such as bus schedule access & being stranded, calling people, etc). I'd love to live a more predictable life and safe life, and am open to ex-patriating at this point in time. It's been a very very difficult time for me to stay in the USA for the past 8 going on 9 years, due to USA politics and many domestic people being dead set against any USA business interaction with Asia. I moved to Hawaii since there is a Japanese-American community here;- however I hate to burden anyone with the prospect of starting international business during this USA economic crisis. I will not be handed Japanese money to start a company and have my life compromised further in USA territory, as the USA business climate particularly around Philadelphia, PA;- Doylestown, PA;- Allentown, PA, Ithaca, NY, and Manhattan, NY has depreciated my status and tries to depreciate my international business connections by creating excessive legalities, not paying me the normal percentage for projects & contracts I have worked on, not putting me on an employee payroll, etc.

I have examined the potential of starting international business;- and only found one or two small groups of people over the past decade and a half on the east coast who are willing and able to do the work to create such a company, and have commenced on their own.

Most all of my 1st generation American Friends have also left the United States since (9-11 and in the past 3 years) there are few options and our future prospects in the USA looked slim, as policymakers write new American Policies that are designed to discriminate against our first amedment rights to exist in the USA. Those laws are then further justified by any US citizen to the point where certain locales in the USA are now "dangerous and life threatning" to cosmopolitan families. Except in the case where the USA chooses to manipulate foreign economies by allowing certain families to succeed.

Just a thought today...

Warm sun

Hawaii dawn....with vog?

Warm sun

Hawaii dawn....with vog?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Smartphone Etiquette for the Classic Dinner Date [Infographic]

Smartphone Etiquette for the Classic Dinner Date [Infographic] This didn't include the, let your date know you're bringing a newspaper to hide behind in case someone you know walks in.

Smartphone Etiquette for the Classic Dinner Date [Infographic]

Smartphone Etiquette for the Classic Dinner Date [Infographic] This didn't include the, let your date know you're bringing a newspaper to hide behind in case someone you know walks in.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Why FTA?

Thoughts on FTA's after APEC 2011 (in editing)
WTO & IMF are largely based on currencies in their participating economies.
My terminology:
1. Permanent goods (Land, air, water, etc.)
2. Impermanent goods (Clothing, Technology, Machinery)
3. Transient goods (Oil, Food, etc- goods that change molecular form due to consumer useage)
4. Farms
5. Skilled labor

Impermanent Goods:- Some Goods live in a deteriorating and depreciating Circular system.
To found a People's bank where goods produced in currency poor nations can be the “traded goods they create". These 'created goods for trade' can be traded for other goods that they need from another nation, and free of any currency related tariff.
Establish a banking system that is not based on currencies is important where such goods are not permanent. These goods, such as clothing, technology, and machinery deteriorate, change, and disintegrate over time. So, they hold little world value based on long term life sustainability. And, the methods by which these goods are created is negligable since some families still wear clothing that is hand made, some people use modes of transportation that they develop on their own, and those who invent will use their own machines to accomplish their ends. However, the goods and products that are created and needed for use to create more world sustainable still have potential to be created from these lesser "models" of Impermanent goods.

The automobile has not changed that much, except in some efficiency and design elements in 100+ years. And, regardless of the age of the vehicle;- it is impermanent based on accidents and other instances that cause its destruction. And, the "admired" currency value of this good is no longer "supporting" sustainability since it implies that the user purchase more transient goods regularly. To ultimately depreciate this good from the currency market and put it into a trade market that has no currency value might change value systems towards sustainability. Additionally, the consumption of transient goods needs to change or be highly taxed.

A Worldwide banking system that is based on the wholesale value of goods based on time and resources. Man hours are logged per person. Machinery hours are logged for usage. This seems like a socialist system. However, only the end product will hold a trade value, regardless of the method of creation. In theory, the more pieces of clothing or machinery produced will hold greater value due to quantity. However, it is not be a necessary means for everyone to obtain such goods as clothing and machinery since it will be outside of a currency system.
Countries, people and corporations can approach the "impermanent goods" People's bank with the list of items that are needed, and what they can possibly do, produce, etc. in exchange for those goods. In part, because there are many industry workers (sales and banking representatives for example) who need clothing, computers, and vehicles in order to “do business”. Many of these people take out personal loans on lines of credit for these goods. Though, they are only “freeing up” more currencies (find percentage) to be spent in the retail market on similar depreciating and deteriorating goods. These items and “free spending” of currency is not controlled, regardless of country, nationality, and race or gender.

Other items, concerning operations of business and permanent goods such as land, wind, sun, need a separate "banking" system, if any. However, levels of an aparment building or sky-scraper could be considered impermanent goods and be traded with peoples of any nation or labor group. Rather than creating new credit and mortgage systems in nations whose people are working (though low-paid on the currency system), a stock of impermanent goods can be traded with peoples based on delivery and safe arrival of goods in exchange for impermanent good homes that they would have full ownership of in said apartments, offices, other impermanent good locations that they could live inside the borders of a participating nation/people's.
Impermanent goods affect Insurances
In the USA car owners carry insurance on their vehicle(s). By devaluing items such as automobiles etc. currency/monies can be used for individuals to carry insurance on their lives, health & medical, as well as a legal insurance. This way, even minority individuals who could not previously afford their own health care, legal representation, work insurance, etc. would be able to afford insurances for such protections in the USA (provided such medical, legal, companies do exist).
^ This point of view was largely influenced by American Wealth from some of the top 100 wealthiest places to live in the USA. Many of those wealthy residents would claim that they are "poor" because they have no currency wealth and are not "liquid." This affected me greatly as a contracting instructor at US 501C3's in such communities because I was not paid my full wage or even placed on a payroll for working full employee hours for organizations. Additionally, these people controlled media and took credit for my work and accused me of slander in addition to running up my debt and them living off of my personal funds in addition to seeking scholarship funding for not being in a currency "liquid" state.
Transient goods: the world's natural resources, food itself, bio-fuels.
These are the goods that literally support life or take away life of any species.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Thoughts after APEC

Someone, outside of APEC should create an Intellectual Safety Zone to protect Intellectual property of those who create. That is outside of the governance and support of APEC companies and those who choose to work for APEC related companies. The threat of Espionage is already high.

The Intellectual Safety Zone is not going to happen in USA Universities and institutions where many professors already contract with APEC organizations. However, this does not mean that such an intellectual safety zone would not be of Benefit to APEC. It seems that for small businesses, this type of zone and trust needs to exist somewhere. Otherwise, without trust, such a place should exist to benefit humanity and the people of the world can make donation to support such a community working on their behalf, and regardless of APEC involvement.

This would include everything from testing of new building materials, substrates, technologies, and like items that can be part of building a healthier and ecologically more sound world community. And, so that, the creators of such products could live comfortably without fear of destruction due to increasing industrial espionage and competition in a volatile world where natural disaster is becoming commonplace.

APEC 2011 Taxpayer Dollars at Work

My 11.11.11 APEC Security photos.

Friday, November 11, 2011

re: my communication

Just a note: I was just blogging from Halekulani where APEC is Hosted because
1. I cannot receive internet service at home since wi-fi doesn't reach, and because companies like Hawaiian Telecom tell me that my address does not exist.
2. I also have not been able to acquire a landline for the same ^ reason.

This has been this way since I have not had to share services with housemates.

My APEC confusion.

When I attended Yesterday's Nov. 10, 2011 APEC / ABAC public meeting, the only people representing Japan were Caucasian/blue eyed older Americans from Philadelphia area. I was told that they represent Japan because they have offices in Japan. He was the same type of person, who in Pennsylvania area would probably be trying to kill me (type of thing that I've been running away from for the past 7-8 years especially and 6 years since my brother's death) I know my mom taught some of the "Caucasian Americans" @ New Hope how to speak Japanese since they didn't believe her children--Namely me, my now deceased brother and sister were human. They took our bi-lingual life away from us and then I was later told to pay the USA over $100,000 to learn basic Japanese that an elementary level Japanese student spoke at the Cornell Falcon program in Ithaca, New York.

Since Yesterday, Nov. 10, 2011 Japan has joined APEC and FTA Free Trade Agreement talks.

APEC Leader's week- Receive Lei

Just happened behind me. APEC Leaders Week, Delegates receiving Lei @ 5PM Hawaii Time.

APEC & IP = Espionage

Espionage just turned into totally legal and profitable piracy since the having to register and file ideas and patents is the primary identifier of whose technology and information it is. Those engaged in stealing trade secrets can now whole heartedly profit from it. The small business owner, who may be working on behalf of improving society, may loose entirely to large business because of this "File First" ownership identification of intellectual property. And, the File First, is going to happen dependent of jurisdiction?

APEC/ SME- Concern

My personal biggest concern for SME's using the "free tools" that the US Govt. will make available to small business is in the accuracy of the information of regulations put forth by the US government and with regards to regulations in other governments. With the Cloud being used, with data being stored in multiple locations,
and with updates and in addition to a discussion about corruption over borders rather than domestic corruption;- the small business may be the rickety rope bridge and it may be the only bridge, that a larger company will later be able to expand.

Cloud and Small Biz.

The Cloud offers a way for nearly anyone to have the technology tools that large enterprise businesses use at a fraction of the cost. Big businesses have taken advantage of these "free" to low cost technologies found online for years. When one looks at the numbers on it, their savings are huge over a workforce of 1000's. So, it is to the Cost advantage of a compact to mid-sized business owner to use when expanding and growing their business.

However, the downside of using the Cloud for the streamlined small businesses is potentially threating to their very existence. This threat is in how the data is distributed in the Cloud. The Cloud doesn't tell us where our highly refined data is stored for security purposes. And, the Cloud isn't mentioning if our data is stored in multiple countries such as Germany, Japan, China, Austrailia, etc. at the same time. So, our intellectual property is now falling under and in jurisdictions that smaller businesses do not have legal representation. In this Cloud, where the small business cannot see physically where things are, we are held at a disadvantage.

Aside: Another question I have is why isn't there a licensing body, that can find all the attributes of any document and allow "anyone" to register for a license to use the copyrighted materials? This is more like using something like "Limelight" for registering a mechanical license to record a song that someone else wrote. Maybe, in time something like this will be available and usable.

ABAC Small Medium Enterprise Symposium

IP, Intelectual property rights panel put forth "the First to file" discussion at Topics for Small Medium Enterprises at the Public Meeting and ABAC SME Symposium November 10, 2011 at the Halekulani in Waikiki, Hawaii. Other topics, that were generally covered, included discussion about 1. Using the Cloud for SME's (Small Medium Enterprises) to grow the business & how SME's can be "nimble" and staat responsive in crisis situations for business support 2. Import-Export insurances, 3. Ethical businesses raise the GDP of nations, Corrupt nations have lower GDP. 4. Policy control to enable rather than inhibit small businesses 5. SME's doing the groundwork for Large businesses and trying to maintain a level playing field for SME's to compete.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Reflection;- China/USA business relation

What does the China/ USA business relationship mean to the masses of out of work Americans?
First, we have to look at a simple fact;- Many Americans value money over human life.
The Average US worker in almost any industry spends probably 25% or more of their time at work complaining. Usually the complaint is that they are not making enough money for their work. The next part is that the US business owner, especially over the past 15 years, has gotten weary of hearing the complaints. And, for a fraction of the cost of keeping the US worker employed;- The business owner can outsource the work to China and hire a manager and his factory workers to do the work. Now, the production of goods costs the US business owner less and takes up less of the owner's time. This means that the US business owner can now start other entrepreneurial ventures and take away work from more US workers. And, the US business owner still has even more time!
Now, what about the Chinese business owner and manager and his factory workers? Well, they are doing all of the work that the US workers used to do at a fraction of the cost. When it was just a little bit of work, things were o.k. Then, the work being sent to China got to be overwhelming and instead of complaining to the Boss, the factory workers decide how to resolve their issues. Sometimes, they simply don't listen to the Chinese boss, and make a product to be sent to the USA green instead of red. Other times, they might be short ingredients for food and add toxic lead powder to dust the otherwise edible noodles. And, even things that are meant to be made of stone or a gem can be made of a very good yet toxic fake plastic to be sent to the USA. This way China's precious resources are not leaving the country;- yet they still have toxic by products of the plastics and other materials from which they made parts, toys, shoes, etc.
But, for the most part up into the early 2000's this behavior went relatively unnoticed and could be controlled. And, both USA & Chinese business owners & managers were happy they had more money and time. The workers on both sides got fed up but were controlled.
Now, it's been 15 years, and the USA & Chinese workers see the numbers and the demand from the USA public consumer. The consumer wants more product at a lower cost. So, the only way to do so is to send more work to China and other poorer nations where the work can be done in "sweat shops".
The USA financial industry and banking system Culture is foreign to China. And, so China shows some interest in adopting this system of mortgages, banking, and credit since (until the last 2 mos) the USA seemed to thrive with this system. The USA finance industry would be happy to negotiate and do business with some Chinese business persons to do the same thing in China.
The one thing that is any country person's option to survive is to join their country's military.
Eventually, this may take more than 10 years, but war is on the horizon. And, it is because many
people do not value human life and want to chase dollar bills and American money. There is a trade off to live a dream, even for a short time. That trade off, as we can see today, is going to come in the form of war, poverty, and strife. Not even mentioning the environmental problems we have today as a result of pollution, overpopulation, and global warming.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Single Vegan Tiramisu

Craving a different sort of Vegan dessert without being committed to cooking,
I ventured on a quest to make a few desserts. The main one being a vegan tiramisu for the single person. I didn't want to make batches for the tiramisu, so I came up with a simple pan-cake that is spongy and satisfying the craving quickly in just a few minutes plus cook time if you made your morning coffee or came home to leftovers sitting in the pot. You aren't going to get out mixing bowls or any major equipment aside from a stovetop burner for this recipe. Just a pan, a small tupperware bowl, a teaspoon, ingredients, and a plate.

To make 1 tiramisu pancake (or other flavor --substitute liquid for coffee)

Unbleached flour = 5 really heaping teaspoons
Rumford Baking powder= 1/4 teaspoon
Brewed Coffee liquid = appx 1/4 cup or a little more
Madagascar Vanilla liquid= 1/4 teaspoon or more to taste
Maple Syrup
Optional tiramisu syrup

Mix dry ingredients flour and baking powder together or put in a small 1 cup tupperware bowl with lid and shake it. Then add and mix in liquid ingredients, Coffee and Vanilla until smooth.
Heat the pan, here I use a small thin pan designed to cook a single egg. It fits a pancake or Boca buger perfectly. Melt a teaspoon of Earthbalance in the pan until sizzling, not burning, and then pour in the batter. Cook the pancake most of the way through on one side, then flip it. Cook on medium to low heat so there is no runny batter in the pancake.
When you're done cut take off the hardened top of the pancake. You can either scoop out the spongy contents into a bowl (hint: you can put it in the tupperware if you already washed it) or serve it on a plate. Drown the cake in maple syrup, tiramisu syrup, and a pad of Earthbalance.

If you want to make a vegan marscopone (not mascarpone), use a container of soy cream cheese, some maple syrup 1/4 cup to taste, add 1/4 tsp lemon juice for soured flavor, and whip. add sugar to taste if necessary.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

List #1- USA SUCKS

A laundry list of How horrible it has been growing up in the USA, then add dating/marriage pressure and trying to maintain peaceful understanding.

1. White/Caucasian men still majority look down on asian & Japanese culture.

2. Most of the American men & women I have met in environmental circles have No remorse for Hiroshima and have no respect for Japanese, especially if they survive from US government funding ie., non-profit organizations, military contractors, military, etc. .

3. Many caucasian environmentalists have a strong anti-nuclear stance in some cases and support the United States having nuclear military power & nuclear reactors (though they will 100% claim it is not acceptable in other parts of the world).

4. Most of the low class try to bring me down to their level.

5. Some of the decent men know that they are admittedly not capable of taking care of me due to who my Japanese relatives are. They do not meet an acceptable social standard.

6. Alot of American men treat me badly (ie., abduction & assault- Eg. when Knight Engineering in Buckingham, PA abducted me to their home because of one of their staff, an empty apartment above a garage I found out and I was assaulted for over a week. No phone, no way to leave until I heard them talking about the neighbors growing suspicious because I wasn't seen leaving. I managed to get to my phone dial 9-11 before my phone battery died completely and call was traced. Police arrived to assist me;- however because of my ethnicity no court proceedings occured and they denied my rights as a human being, I only managed to leave) because they view Asian women (on a whole) as sex toys, not as human beings. This was perhaps the worst public instance of my assault by a prominent community member and his staff to my person. The bigger disadvantage to this is that the caucasian and other communities don't have any pressure from my/her family since they are few in number. Of course the men, not saying the low class, exploit her and disrespect her in the highest forms available and don't give her rights in court to the point of judge in normal case should be disbarred for racism/nationalism.

7. Other men & women of Hawaii, see me and other Asian women as people to exploit due to their use of violence to perpetrate their own ends. Finding that those men are more prone to instigating pimp-like behavior in my life because their own men & communities protect them from legal recourse.

8. My higher class relatives abroad are subject of jealousy for Americans and other Asian peoples in the USA. So, I have been attacked and had my life threatened and nearly killed multiple times because of my relation alone. I have found that most people in the USA have no remorse for Hiroshima. Except for a great-uncle of mine in USA who actually fought at Iwo Jima & cleaned up Pearl Harbor. Most USA patriots are poseurs in their military respect and awareness and choose to hurt me to try and play a role that isn't theirs.

Finished dating in Hawaii

It seems everything has come to a complete and unstoppable Halt in my dating life.
It's almost too gruesome to unpack. And, thankfully the rain that's been pouring for the past 3 days is making everything wet.
Dating the past week really put a stop to things. I was seeing an executive of a local Hawaii company. I had put an end to the dating since he only expressed interest in US based business, and doesn't want to get married, had a brutal drinking habit along with a couple of seedy and greedy girlfriends (and lived with one). So, go YIK. Now add in the fact that he was Japanese-American descent and not a "newbie" minority in the USA by SBA standards of 1 generation.
Then top it off with his habit to go to both Karaoke bars and Korean hostess bars in Hawaii where he bragged in his car rides of him & his friends splurging 10's of thosands of $$$$$$'s on the women. And, all followed up with a statement "if you need to prostitute and get busted, I'll bail you out." That was aside from going to a dinner at an acceptable chinese restaraunt with one of his business collegues and his "wife" who was from Osaka. The first words out of his collegues mouth were about someone potentially dying at some jobsite. And, it was followed up by his wife sending old-fashioned death threats to me with her chopsticks. My date then scolded me after the whole thing was over and became abusive.
I told one of my girlfriends about this and she simply said;- people like that are not your friends.
I couldn't have agreed more. That was over 6 mos. ago. Then he reappeared one night 5 months later at my apartment door, not just any night, but the night of my deceased brother's birthday! I should have called for a restraining order the following week.

The past week, he contacted me again. We went out for dinner and a few drinks. No major drama and he claimed that he had "cut down" on drinking. I think he just needed to hire a driver and skip the phone call to me. Though, given all that was said and happened in the past and that he's also older than I am, I really really don't think he gets it yet. He not only choses to absolutely humiliate me, treat me lower than a 3rd class citizen, but thinks that i'm willing to put up with it?! WTF... so I turned down the offer to see him again and attend his birthday at his family's home, as politely as was possible for me. Dating this Japanese-American was the most humililating experience, beyond what white racists do (where i've been abducted and assaulted), to me who is a newbie Japanese-American in the USA. My more respectable Japanese relatives want me to leave Hawaii because of dating like this--- no wonder. And, chances of my finding any hapiness in the USA seems absolutely futile.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nuclear Generation Child

I'm a product of the Nuclear generation. I'm ùnmarried at 36 years old and have no children as a result of it. One of my parents is Japanese, and still a Japanese national, who was only a toddler when the bombing of Hiroshima occured in Japan. My Japanese biological parent was nowhere near Hiroshima when the bombing occured but was completely exposed to the Nuclear Fallout afterwards. My Uncles and Aunts who were born after the Nuclear event occured were not exposed to any Nuclear radition and thus have little health complications. When i was growing up in the USA near Washington's Crossing, my Japanese parent was diagnosed with cancer. I was barely 6 years old and was told at one point that my Japanese parent was dead (by the doctor). I was instructed as a child of 6 about the collateral damage of nuclear fallout, nuclear war, and what it meant for my life because it was so affected. Things that changed in my life at the recommendation of Japan & doctors were: `

  1. Eating an entirely vegetable based diet called Shojin Ryori by my Japanese relatives.

  2. Supplements of raw barley

  3. not putting expectations of having children or a married life on me due to birth defects concern.

  4. Finding that my Japanese parent nearly died from the Iodine during cancer treatment and that I am completely allergic to Iodine and developed a shellfish allergy by age 8.

Hiroshima fallout impacted my life in its entirety. I have lived as westerners call it "vegan" for over 25 years now. I cannot trust western medicine to diagnose me on certain things because it is clearly a money & politics game for them once I enter a hospital. Instead for many years since college, i chose alternative medicine and even found a very reputable Native American herbalist for my medical needs. I rarely take prescription medications and because I am mixed race on a genetic level, was told by a Board member of National Institutes of Health, that the cellular level they test on is for persons of the Majority genetic population in the USA. And, that the medications for this genetic population (primarily caucasian) in toxicology testing reaches toxicity at a higher level of chemical tolerance than for genetic populataions of mixed genetic backgrounds (such as caucasian/asian or caucasian/latino persons).

I was healthy for quite a while throughout my life after becoming a "vegan" and the added help from the Native American herbalist kept me flu & cold free in the Northeastern USA year-round (for approximately 10 + years). And, that was primarily in Ithaca, NY where the international student crowd and closed indoor environment for 75% of the year allows exotic flus to be passed easily. It took me 2 years in the college environment to seek the alternative herbal treatment. Mostly it was a simple intake of an herbal tincture when I got the sniffles. Never got sick after it was introduced in my life and I took it as instructed. Now with the current news and Japan, I have a new worry. That is being exposed to more Nuclear radiation. Obviously, I cannot take the iodine pills, or I will not be able to breath any longer, aside from other side effects. In my late twenties after being a non-profit work-horse and rarely slept, worked 80+ hrs. a week at low pay with multiple jobs and independent consulting gigs for business & entrepreneurs I believed in;- i collapsed due to a burnt out Thyroid. In conjunction with that it happened when i was consulting for a business owner with a humanitarian project that was based within sight of a Nuclear reactor near the Schyukill River near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I took several herbal thyroid supplements on the market after talking to another organizer at a clinic in Richlandtown, PA who was undergoing chelation and vitamin drips from radioactive exposure in Mexico. So, what i did which cost another good chunk of change, was go through all the thyroid supplements on the market that I could take. I found which ones worked best and then I purchased all the ingredients seperately and took them individually to try and isolate the main ingredient that I needed. After months of trying this, my choice thyroid supplement was standing with Deglycerrized Licorice or DGL (a $5.99 supplement on its own). And, it was the one thing that my body craved at the time. I would get mental pictures of it from my biological system when it was missing. And, it has been the only supplement that my body has Ever craved in my life. Since this time, I have lived/camping in remote areas of upstate NY as I have systematically developed allergies to cosmetic & toiletries at a higher rate, intense building allergies that keep me away from viable job opportunities, I cannot take any prescription medications as I experience nearly ALL listed side effects and some may stop my heart, and I can rarely find buildings in which I can live (due to intense allergies to the materials). In my life I have done non-profit work on the East Coast, as an unpaid intern/volunteer etc even with my own organization and done my own think-tank research due to the generally hostile political climate I experienced being Japanese-American for the past 36 years of my life. Because of the hostilities directed at me and my now deceased siblings;- I cannot see a future for me in the united states. I have been treated in Totality as "the ENEMY" all of my life by other Americans outside of my immediate family. And so, my situation is strained unless i manage to find individuals with causes to make a statement to those who consider me an enemy since my birth. This means financially, I have never been able to get off the ground to have any dream of having a home or family realized. I was fortunate for a more cultured relative, a Kelly from Philadelphia who was an entertainer, who gave me the musical instrument to see me through my childhood life. I do pray for peace, however, I feel that the USA has made a very loud statement of hating the Japanese. Even one of my Martial arts instructors here in Hawaii made a comment to me after the 3-11 Tsunami that he thought Japan is better off now. Since he seems to control & undermine my life in Hawaii, I could only take this statement of his Japanese hatred as part of his discontent with his own predominantly Chinese heritage. Someday, I hope that peace blankets the world. My life has been full of tumultuous fighting between other groups of people and their stances on a Nuclear world. Though, it is not my whole life, it is blaring so loud due to these outside parties that I can barely tone it down.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Military /Self Defense instructors who abuse women

    This is based on a woman's true story and the author has been threatened by a man for writing this blog article.

  • He puts on the "I can't control my abusive machismo" attitude due to his martial arts background, to you. He justifies how he abuses you by saying he's defending himself.

  • ie., one instructor who has nearly every black belt imaginable a military experience background, in private would say that he's so hard-wired to protect himself that you can't come near him without his punching you. He would try to hit her even when they were watching dvd's of movies as she brought the popcorn over (once he nearly broke her nose), and after movie theater movies (which she'd be required by him to pay for) he would flip out, throw things at her and hurt her. saying it was her fault and that if anything he didn't know what happened and the movie made him do it. Though, this same instructor would go on blackbelt outings with hundreds of people who sleep in auditoriums and in rooms together, and bring back photos of sleeping in the rooms together and even of little kids sleeping.

  • He says to you that because you didn't come to him looking for lessons you're seeing eachother and have a different financial obligation to him. This takes the form of being a dues paying member very inexpensive. Mostly because he puts all financial expectations of you outside the dojo. He starts by asking if you can help some with getting pizza or something for everyone. Once he establishes with everyone that he can provide these things a number of things begin to happen to you: 1. He demands that you help him financially with his friends' weddings, and other important events that you aren't invited to and cost is in the $100's of dollars. 2. He demands that you pay for gas for everyone from his parents'vehicles (x2), his vehicle (so he can take people out and you aren't included), and anyone else who might be driving him. (this adds to $1000's in a few months) 3. He takes away anything thing that you purchase for yourself and own use - such as groceries, dvd's, and other items in the vehicle. (mind you don't live with this man). 4. He attempts to take things from the property where you live (including furniture). These are just some examples. And, when you say no to him, because you meet in the dojo-- other people in the dojo hurt you for saying "no" to him.

  • This Instructor is often attempting to be very charismatic and will bend over backwards for others in his community of martial arts and other services so that he can continue to abuse you. The most frequent thing that this type of narcissistic person will do is blame you for having feelings. If you didn't have feelings none of this would be a problem and it's your fault. He's the type who will volunteer at the Boyscouts and may have a high rank, be outstanding, and bring up the boys the way he wants to. He'll go as far as to blame anything you try to point out as inappropriate on you. Essentially his mindset in your relationship with him is that: you are to blame for any accusations brought on him. There is NO normalcy of interpersonal interaction with him. If he told you that you have to sleep with him because he thinks its good for you, he'll make sure you do so on his terms. And, if you have any feelings about it, he will scold you and call you crazy and make other damaging mental/emotional comments at you.

  • This Instructor will even go as far as to get other students to abuse you. One day this woman was in class and one of the Navy Seals hit her in the back/near kidney really hard for no apparent reason to her. This Instructor then announced that if there were going to be any extra hits (to this woman he was using sexually) that the men there would have to pay him. The next day she had blacked out at the instructors house/dojo in the bathroom and was concious enough to remember him tossing her in the back of his truck and then dropping her off at her home. She was laid up in bed for 5 days before anyone came to check on her. He returned, and realizing how bad the injury was he took her to his martial arts friend& instructor. In the meantime, he didn't call, didn't stop by, and didn't care. She had moved to Hawaii alone, with funds to set up her new life and business, and this Instructor took away what would have been a decent and nice life with actions like these.

  • This type of man also will deny any and all accounts of what he has done to abuse you. His major standing arguement is that "it's not his fault" if any other harm comes to you. Because he doesn't view what he does to you as "abusive." He has an inability to genuinely care about your well being. Additionally he has absolutely no remorse for what he does (primarily to protect his own survival.) Essentially in this arguement of his being faultless, "he denies any and all cause & effect relationship of his actions in your world."

  • He will deplete you financially so that you are in one of the most undesireable positions financially to be able to leave. In one woman's case, over a 2 year period, this man took away her financial security in a matter of weeks. She had moved to Hawaii and only had a car rental, after that she was unable to secure her own transportation. Over the course of the time period, seeking attorney, and being denied because of the attorneys' fear of the man' background;- she is in a position where she has been stalked and nearly raped/mugged several times near her home. When she expresses this to him, in a desperate form of irrationality, he simply says that he doesn't need to care because it's not his fault. He confirms to her that he is simply abusing her, and/or simply does not care about her welfare. In a minor sense, when he says that he's taking you to lunch or dinner or something, it typically means over 90% of the time that he's going to pick you up and you woman is going to pay for it. He (ex/current Green Beret) tells you that he has no money because of his situation, despite other military men who have been investigate him a bit telling you that he has plenty of money and is abusing you for the sake of abusing you. Its also a known fact with other military people whom you live with despite being a civilian yourself. Additionally other military men have advised you to stay away from this person, and you do;- but he calls you or stops by. This man never adjusts his behavior towards you yet will tell you that he cares about you when you're upset. And, he has expressed his full intent to do this from the beginning that he would take your SSN and run you into the ground and that his last engagement/fiance/ girlfriend died in some unfortunate accident or suicide.

Mental & Emotional Torture

  • This man mentally and emotionally totures this woman who he formed some bond with.In one woman's case, whose brother died, this man frequently told her that he would be her brother. To her, she was horrified, because he had often collected her personal information during their time together. He claimed to be helping her at first and got her resume, and as many professional details from her as possible. He went so far as to take several photos of the things in her apartment when he stopped by, and after the "sexual exploitation" period stopped, only stopped by her place with another larger man with him. As the abuse went on, he threatened her and told her about how he goes to other states and commits identity theft crimes. She began to realize that because he was only seen in her life for maybe a 1/2hr to 2hrs on any given day that he was simply monitoring her. And, even during the period when he would have sex with her that lasted for nearly 2 years, he never hugged her or kissed her. Even when she requested that he change his behavior because it made her uncomfortable with him in her life (early on) he complained about it. He also went on later to divulge to her his like for Korean bar girls, that he liked and made a promise to a teenage girl, and that his mother wouldn't approve of his being with her because she wasn't a sex worker.