Wednesday, December 16, 2009

10 mos. in Hawaii- Feb to Dec. 2009 - draft

Hawaii is an island. So, it has to "attract" money. The only way that Soldiers/servicemen and seem to think that the are going to make money since many military cutbacks is by becoming private contractors for companies to overseas. This is creating a really unsafe political and physical environment for the serious foreign investor or politician.

I chance have met several military and ex-military personnell who are trained asassin's/ killers. They know that taking on a killing contract is their best bet at eliminating their financial problems. Unfortunately, for some people this means that they are targets for U.S. military men who are helping their contractor buddies out by putting persons with foreign family/relative and connections in life threatening situations. More international business relationships will be damaged.

Stricter policies for the US military and enlistment/service duration should be enforced. People using the US military as a training school to become killers are jeaporadizing the security agreements with the U.S. and some other "friendly" countries.