Thursday, December 17, 2009

About Self Defense for Women

This isn't directed against a particular group or individual. It is to communicate about taking self-defense courses.

NEVER and I mean NEVER tell a Martial arts or Self Defense instructor about your history as a victim. Even a seemingly well intentioned instructor will put everything including sex under "self-defense training." The bad ones are like the ultimate predators. They will ruin you financially and otherwise so you have no recourse against them. And, they will use any law enforcement ties to protect themselves. There was one even one Dojo who used to rape women to initiate them into their next rank. One of the belted woman managed to sue the NY dojo for such discriminatory assault practices.

Additionally, if you are a woman of Asian descent, be even more careful because they will use your cultural background against you doubly. Because of some Asian gift-giving they will take everything from you even without your offering, your approval, or your consent. I have had this happen to me several times with an instructor. Everything from threats to "what's in the dojo stays in the dojo."
And then there is the perception that by paying your instructor the "fee" he asks will ease things.
Once you pay their fee they know they can get more out of you by hurting you extra in class if you don't comply with their outside wishes. Someone needs to define where the civilian instructor's position ends and his being a regular civilian begins legally. Remember, any men in the class are an extension of his ego as an instructor. He will rarely repromand the male students for any ill remarks or sexist behavior especially when trying to retain students in 'this economy."
Additional signs of being of women being abused by an instructor (I have seen over a 10 yr. period) include; women who actually commited suicide, women who turn into cutters (people who cut themselves to ease their pain) around the instructor, women who are frequently told to shut up when trying to voice a reasonable complaint or repromanded for "trying to cause drama".
Lets face it, many women go to safety courses to learn to defend themselves; not to walk into a roomful of ill mannered thugs.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

10 mos. in Hawaii- Feb to Dec. 2009 - draft

Hawaii is an island. So, it has to "attract" money. The only way that Soldiers/servicemen and seem to think that the are going to make money since many military cutbacks is by becoming private contractors for companies to overseas. This is creating a really unsafe political and physical environment for the serious foreign investor or politician.

I chance have met several military and ex-military personnell who are trained asassin's/ killers. They know that taking on a killing contract is their best bet at eliminating their financial problems. Unfortunately, for some people this means that they are targets for U.S. military men who are helping their contractor buddies out by putting persons with foreign family/relative and connections in life threatening situations. More international business relationships will be damaged.

Stricter policies for the US military and enlistment/service duration should be enforced. People using the US military as a training school to become killers are jeaporadizing the security agreements with the U.S. and some other "friendly" countries.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Quick Review: US -- needs editing

Problems... can you say scumbag?
1. U.S. (typically white) Men don't respect minority women.
2. U.S. (white) men use minority women's identities/them to secure large amounts of money for business and then leave the women humiliated and broke.
3. Most U.S. men still believe that minority women/ Asian women are a tradeable commodities with their friends. Many Asian women go unheard because there is no help for them due to racial discrimination and intolerance in small, predominantly white communities.
4. Without some sort of death threat, U.S. men don't begin to consider treating a minority female well. In most areas of the USA outside Hawaii, CA there are fewer minority women in any area to help eachother. Most men know that a minority woman in a small community has little to no family or help from other people in the community. This makes the minority woman an easy target.
5. When trying to start a business U.S. men will volunteer to steal the minority female's money, and they volunteer blatantly. (this has happened to me several times... and, I'm not the only one)
6. Hawaiians like other U.S. citizens are pro-US military to the effect that they are no longer at all considerate of 1st generation US people ... (except when trying to get at any money available). They have little to no diplomacy and will do their best to force people into their militant way of life and thinking. This includes harassment in such a way that non-compliance results in grave financial and physical outcomes. The people act worse than bullies in a playground.
7. Oahu, HI is mostly military mindset people. They are vulgar, insulting, and violent. Many of the military men and women/spouses choose to act out abusively towards eachother. It is overall very unpleasant to be around. I have received many warnings from people about the military on the Island. The military men here on Oahu have a bad reputation for treating women horribly. The women/ spouses have a reputation of being at a bar picking up other men as soon as their husband(s) are away on deployment.

It's pretty obvious to me that democratic or republican; - most U.S. men think that any money someone from other national origins (like myself) should surrender any means (I have) to live to them. According to them, I'm not American enough... even with half of my family having fought in every major war the U.S.A. has engaged in on the planet. Rape is forceable by them and there is no retribution to the men. The U.S. clearly does not protect minorities and has systems set up to make it difficult if not impossible to use the system.

In my case, my Japanese family and I had the best of intention to try to understand the USA the generation after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. From my point of view alone;- the USA has no intention of allowing me certain unalienable rights due to my national origin of being born to a Japanese national parent. Not only was my life manipulated by the U.S. govt and local govt. school district as a child;- I was forceably physically beaten for my national origin from age 7 - 12 in the school district. I was subject to additional U.S. government intervention in my home as a child where I was subject to their programming, torture, and brainwashing which included severing my connection (ripping the phone out of my hands in simplist forms) to my Japanese family/relatives/grandparents/etc.). Because i was a child and could not fight the people hurting me at Church, in school, and at home I was told I was a Japanese piece of shit and was made an example to the American children so they would do better than me. This continued till I was graduated from the Government funded High School in Quakertown, PA. The community funded the government school to harm me and set the example for all the Children who were expressly White and Aryan.

In many years of travel in the U.S. I have sought better options and people. Unfortunately, this is very difficult since the American people will only support what they believe is the best. What they believe stands upon a shitload of misinformation and blatant discrimination and non-acceptance of people from other cultures. Basically, they know that other people will work hard to try and prove themselves. It's much easier for them to steal the work. It happens everywhere in the U.S.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Renters Beware of Foreclosures

No... Not the Economy again.
Property owners are trying to hang on everywhere. This is starting to affect the renter's market.
Looking for a room for rent or a new apartment for rent? Beware of houses under foreclosure or on their way to foreclosure. Renters belongings can be gobbled up by the property owner's creditor or thrown out on the street without a warning. Some renters will also be out on the street without notice in some cases. I have heard more than a few of these stories circulating from military folks offbase in Hawaii. I may find myself in the same situation.