Sunday, September 07, 2008

30+ Olives to try

I've taken a "simple" job that includes 700 International and Domestic Cheeses and at least 20-30 types of Olives and Hummus Tabouleh and other Mediterranean fare. This probably tops the Pag's (French) Wine bar job that I took for a holiday season where there are over 300 French wines and included French cheese plates just across the street from Paganini Trattoria.

Olive Information:

To be updated:

My Olive List: my Favorites are in bold

  1. Kalamata Olives = 2 olives/ 5 calories
  2. Kalamata Olives pitted = 2 pieces/ 5 calories
  3. Kalamata Olives stuffed with garlic
  4. Cerignola Green (Italian) = 2 olives/ 25 calories
  5. Cerignola Black (Italian)
  6. Nicoise (French) pitted
  7. Ciglione with minced garlic
  8. Greek Green Olives
  9. Greek Cracked Green Olives = 3 olives/20 calories
  10. Greek Green Olives pitted
  11. Greek Green Olives stuffed with Almonds - Crunchy, sweet, mellow, and yummy.
  12. Greek Green Olives stuffed with Citrus - My favorite pick for vodka or gin martinis ( i might even be tempted to make a slightly dirty up a Cosmo with this olive.
  13. Greek Green Olives stuffed with Feta Cheese
  14. Greek Green Olives stuffed with Blue Cheese
  15. Greek Green Olives stuffed with Gorgonzola Cheese
  16. Greek Green Olives stuffed with Garlic
  17. Greek Green Olives stuffed with Minced Garlic
  18. Greek Green Olives stuffed with Jalepeno Pepper = 2 olives/ 15 calories
  19. Green Olives with Sicilian Herbs
  20. Green Olives with Picante = 3 olives/25 calories
  21. Greek Olive Medley
  22. Greek Olive and Feta Cheese salad
  23. Green Olives (Italian) stuffed with strips of Red Pepper
  24. Green Olives (French) stuffed with Anchovies
  25. Mammoth Black Olives = 3 Olives/60 calories - Though the younger olives (less black) taste a bit floral to go with a Chardonnay, the more mature olives are much richer and heartier than an Oil Cured olive.
  26. Maddelena Olives (brilliant purple) = 3 olives/ 35 calories - A very red wine turning to vinegar type of taste with this meaty and bright olive.
  27. Mt. Pelion black Olives: large like a plum (almost the same size as the Mammoth Black Olives) with a floral type of taste.
  28. Manzanilla Black Olives = 3 olives/ 45 calories - These olives are nearly the size of prune plums and are a very dark black color.
  29. Oil Cured black Olives = 8 olives/70 calories
  30. Oil Cured Pitted Olives
  31. Calabrese Olives