Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thirteen Minutes

Positvely wonderful: Thirteen Minutes magazine popped out at me on the newstand for a change with the music coverage in it's recent issue. That is more specifically, Vol. 2 Issue 3 for $5.99 + tax at the local Borders.
includes in the Music feature issue: Mary Digby, Gackt Oshiro, and Ayumi Hamasaki Also, there are many articles written by Asian Americans, And it offers a refreshing change of featuring Asian influenced models.

Though, I admit I was cringing each time I flipped through Thirteen Minutes magazine the page to see a starkly Aryan European model. I think it's bad enough that completely white people try to pass themselves off as exotic, let alone their latest development in saying that they are Asian and bully their way through a completely mispronounced reading of romaji for Tibetan, Japanese, Chinese and declaring that they are capable of understanding everything Asian. No I don't necessarily mean the models, I mean their subclades of modern fashion and "progressive" acceptance.

Let's delve into culture further and please attend an NYU opening of Kip Fulbeck's the Hapa Project coming next month. I am a halvsie and I am disgusted with the gross racism that is directed at me. Go get a clue at NYU.