Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Simple F-A-R-A for people with family overseas

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According to some of my collegues from political organizing school they are all for their own influence on U.S. law. Most are involved in U.S. government on the mainland in some capacity. They support (not only because it is in their social interest) severing outside and international connections despite being caucasian themselves democrats who are for the greater public interest. They work on issues to help "the working conditions of"migrant workers, not to empower people with substantial overseas connections, and they exploit immigrants of all walks of life rather than helping (unless it's a social justice cause that makes them look gracious). They do not agree with people like me who are 1st generation in the U.S. This will and does exclude any outside ideas and influence that U.S. officials and Corporate owners do not consider their own;- regardless of how much corporate or other info U.S. companies or individuals rip-off.

"Rip-off"is a term used lightly in domestic matters;- however most people forget that it translates to corporate and government espionage when conducted over U.S. borders. I will never understand how this translates to a more peaceable world. It's the same mentality the Nazi's had when attempting to create a uniform nation of like minded and similar looking people. In anycase FARA was designed in 1938 to Prevent such Nazi behavior.

In 1938, FARA was Congress' response to the large number of German propaganda
agents in the pre-WWII U.S..

One example of FARA being enforced follows at the link:

He was charged not with espionage, but rather for "acting as an unregistered agent of a foreign government." Who qualifies as a foreign agent, and why do they have to

FARA is the Foreign Agent Registration Act for anyone operating on behalf of an other than U.S.A. interest outside or inside U.S. borders. This could include people who represent their family members overseas, who receive money from persons of other nations, etc.

Common questions about what FARA is and who must register:

a Brief About Lobbying: Many Political Action Committees (PACs), Animal welfare organizations, Environmental organizations, and other Charitable organizations host a lobbying day so that you can talk to your Senator, or drop by your senator's office to voice your concern over a particular issue or matter.

Public Citizen publication on FARA for Lobbying and Representing outside interests in the U.S. (nearly any U.S. Citizen can lobby):