Monday, February 11, 2008

Recent Movie Review...

Mad Money- super movie for women of all ages to watch. Feel good crime movie of women improving their lives by ripping off the National Treasury of worthless paper that
is taken out of circulation.
National Treasure- Tried to watch it... got a phone call
seemed like an interesting puzzle table tale with a nice gold city carved in the ending. Somehow it was like deja vu and other treasure seeking movies I've seen.
Rambo- This time it was completely realistic. Really.
Untraceable- Grotesque and somewhat like X-files without the sound effects, similar story line with a rampant murderer.
Atonement- Beautiful movie and story (minus the war images). Tasteful & well done.
Cloverfield- Just short of being better than seeing the filming of a nuclear bomb dropped on Manhattan. This was a downer with killer effects.
Meet the Spartans- Nice compliment to seeing the intense Rambo flick. Light, airy with attractive people and blurred crotch shots. Somebody had fun making this one...and politically even-handed with Ellen DeGeneres and G.W. Bush characters going to the Pit of Death.
There will be blood- Long arse, down to earth, oil prospecting, dirty/clean business story of success. A good make out session, plotting time, just kick back and go...though no waves of hysteria.