Monday, February 11, 2008

Reasons to Hate Everyone

I love you I love you mwah mewah mwah xoxoxo

I've gotten so sick of hearing the tired war comments of reasons why people hate me because i'm direct descent of an Imperial Japanese family... here is a list (to be updated) that I should hate everyone around me...

1. Americans because they Dropped Nuclear bombs on Japan and have affected my health for the rest of my life.

2. Russians for putting my Japanese uncle in Siberian prison camp where he was 1% of total survivors of 1200 Japanese.

2. Koreans for constantly antagonizing, stalking, and harassing me on the East Coast (not to mention war problems with Japan and U.S. --- my great uncle Jo was a tank commander in the Korean war).

3. Japanese for bombing Pearl Harbor (my great uncle eddie was in the Navy and at Pearl harbor at that time... he makes an effort to be civil with my Japanese mother)

4. Chinese... for nearly breaking my arm when I visited a Jook Lum studio in Philly's China town with a musical colleague who does his Praying Mantis style there.

5. American particularly white men (see note*) for always taking from me and never outrightly helping me. They always take more money and time from me than I can afford... and then not to mention the humiliation of the fact that they then do nothing to help and everything to see my demise.
note*: I'm not speaking of the run of the mill beer drinker... I mean more like the political affectors & large entrepreneurial personalities.

Enough for now before I create a list of high-end names that have adversely impacted my life here in the States not including my calls to the ATF,, Homeland Security, etc. etc. . And then i'm expected to live like a normal person.... so I ask... with what besides my arse?