Monday, February 11, 2008

Rambo & Untraceable- Please don't support Violence

Over the weekend I caught up on movies with the wretchedly disgusting Untraceable only paralelled by the recent release of Rambo in grotesque violence. Though even after being invited to and attending a talk given by a Burmese monk on Burma at Cornell University (approximately the same time when Japanese reporter Kenji Nagai was killed); - at least Rambo is somewhat progressive in communicating how brutal Burma can be. see an example of real-life footage on Kenji Nagai Though, my Japanese upbringing still tells me that I should not support violence. It is still a hyper politically charged issue to financially support violence in any way. It's not a matter of "turning-away" so much as it is a matter of cutting of financial support that sustains that environment.
Boycotts are normal in the consumer world. In the political & financial world of global commerce the same type of "boycott" action is taking by cutting funding to those terse and ill regions. There is still more that can be done; - none of which is a humane approach to solving the problem. Like rat poison;- people are affected by everything they come in contact with. Weather it kills the enemy or weakens them;- everything is fair in war. Cutting funding to the plight is the best action in entirety. I can also speak from personal experience on that here in the U.S. however- it is an entirely different and seperate matter from attending a talk on Burma. During the talk provided by the Burmese monk, I was thankful that my exposure to Asian languages helped me understand the talk more than what the translator presented to us in English. Somehow all those nuances are lost and people get the "soundbite"version of what is going on without the descript storytelling impacting them at the time of the talk. Then you couple that with some photos after a 2 hr. session and you have one long-arse version of a Cnn report. I'll clean up this article in a bit.