Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I took the Middle Path

"Inspired by Buddhism, this philosophy stresses the "middle path" as an overriding principle for appropriate conduct and way of life of all people, at individual, community, business and government levels.Sufficiency means moderation, reasonableness and resilience to rapid changes."
From: International Herald Tribune "The wisdom of the 'middle path' Honor fit for a king"

My mother always, always told me to take the middle path for as long as I can remember. I was raised with Shojin ryori values before I knew anything about animal rights and veganism. The U.S. nuked Japan and it directly & severly impacted my life by the time I was 7.
Despite my growing up as a baptized & confirmed Lutheran (The St. John's Evangelical Lutheran church were the racist community values that taught me self-hatred due to my race & ethnicity;- though I had to show community participation as part of this lifelong cultural exchange.)

Here's the article about an action from a decade ago about my then "questionable & radical" behavior.