Monday, January 28, 2008

Consulting - to get paid or give away?

Yesterday I attended a "logo meeting" for a new and upcoming not-for-profit entity.
More specifically for a group of artists in the field of movement & dance. I was the only non-white person present despite my stressed out bleached hair and colored contacts. Their designer was present and after the meeting was over, (mind my personal comment;)- a typical white male with a ponytail who just took a word that means "One body" and visually turned it into the name of an Irish woman who is called grandmother in German. I don't care how the white male consultant "looks". I've met many male "designers" who seem to think that they are doing right by everyone. In anycase, after the meeting I wanted to unjoin entirely from the very white mindset that dominated the day. Yet at this point to give my professional opinion (as i have done professional business entity creation) is costing me (not them) my time as a mixed-race woman. To give away? or can i afford my opinion?