Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A short Letter I sent to Amnesty International USA

This I wrote, as things are so bad here for me at this point, primarily on behalf of my mother and myself. My mother was a Japanese Citizen at the time, and I know that my Japanese relatives have disputed my U.S. nationality as a result of how we are treated here in the USA. I am still being discriminated against heavily while I stay in Ithaca, NY. My rights are no respected and I still have no defense. My mother's family in Japan is also involved with decision makers in Japanese Government and some people like my Aunt have access to high level govt. information. Due to the Patriot Act revisions we can no longer communicate with our Japanese relatives.
The brief letter I sent to Amnesty International USA is as follows:

Over the course of a lifetime: 1970My still then, Japanese mother gave birth to my older sister and was told by the nurses at Quakertown Hospital that, "You don't deserve to have a child." My sister died at the Quakertown Hospital and her body is buried near Philadelphia. There was nothing that my parent's could do about it. 1980's I was a child and was informed by my mother about racism. Nearly every day at elementary school, I was grabbed by my hair by a group of girls and thrown to the ground and kicked and beaten at recess (with teachers watching nearby). Aside from experiencing regular name calling,"Brownie, Chink, etc." I was also put down by my teachers at school for my race. When my mom showed up to teach kids about Japanese culture;- the beatings I experienced at school for being "the wrong kind" worsened for me.This lasted through till Junior High school. Church during these years was worse as I was perceived as being "an abomination" by God's word and Pastor Landis because I am of mixed-race and national origin.
1990's Quakertown Community High School People I knew at school became involved in Born Again Christian movement and KKK meetings and concerts. I had very few friends and was still one of 2 non-caucasian people in the entire school. My history /U.S. Cultures teacher (Mr. Pfeiffer) compared me to a 3 tier Latrine photo posted on the bulliten board in front of the class. He screamed "Those/You Japs" at me frequently when covering Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima from the U.S. perspective; - making my classmates laugh at me. Though he is also avidly anti-semetic.There were regular fights at the small Quakertown Movie Theater then between Skinheads and Non Skinheads most Friday nights.2000 I returned after completing college. And, fell under attack by local KKK people. They broke into my car, harassed not only me but my then living younger brother (now deceased). I was targeted by an engineering dept. in Buckingham and locked in a apartment and raped repeatedly until I managed a 9-1-1 call on a nearly dead cell phone.Between 2000 and 2007 I was stalked, harassed, locked in 2 apartments and raped, received death threats, found German knives outside my window at my parents' house. Police would follow me from business meetings and stop me on back country roads (difficult) and harass me. Police would follow me once I got off the turnpike exit and follow me to my parents' house where I reside. Investigators refused to investigate the rape incidents claiming it "out of their jurisdiction" and the advocacy outreach refused to see me because I'm a minority woman who is non-white.Upon my brother's death, when the police arrived, they Chased me and even the 1 minority female officer said that "I'd better run outta there (my home) because I'm a half-breed and there isn't anyone who's going to help me there." After my brother's death I was stalked and raped. I knew a Chinese woman who owned substantial business and has a family, she told me re: her own sexual harassment problems that "the Judge said that Asian women are here for men to have sex with in Bucks County." She also advised me to leave. Shortly after she sold her business and left the area. There is alot more racial profiling that happened due to people using my brother and the monies that the lawyers received for the problems. My brother is dead and nothing and noone will ever replace him. He was my best friend.
In 2007 I was forced to leave my Parent's home in Quakertown, PA without money or shelter. An Amnesty family (also Tibetan) helped me for a few months to relocate. Since I left their care I have had more problems with men ( I am a repeat rape victim ) and my Japanese family memebers cannot send financial help because of their involvement in Japanese government and the new restrictions in the Patriot act. My Japanese Family communicated to me that they think that my life is "as good as dead" in the next years. There has been concern about my nationality, which I cannot resolve because my mother was a Japanese citizen at the time that I was born. If I had to choose a nation today because by Japanese law I cannot be a dual-citizen, Today I would choose to be Japanese.
I need help. I have so much more to tell that I can't even begin to express. I have been attacked by many people on the East Coast because they rarely see Popular Japanese faces.
I am 33 yrs. old today. My mother faces discrimination against her and her disability due to cancer by the State of PA. I personally have been made an example to my piano students and their families who are also "East-West" families or other minorities to Bucks County.
My life is nothing but sadness.The help I need is tremendous to repair respect to me and my Japanese family.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

More Movies I saw: Who hasn't?

Star Wars : The Clone Wars - Violent, but animated
Batman - Too Violent
Death Race - Not as Violent as Batman
Babylon A.D. - Strange
Hell Boy II - O.k. for kids
The Forbidden Kingdom - reminded me of old Greek Mythology claymations...
KungFu Panda - Cute
Hancock - Will Smith is a hottie

30+ Olives to try

I've taken a "simple" job that includes 700 International and Domestic Cheeses and at least 20-30 types of Olives and Hummus Tabouleh and other Mediterranean fare. This probably tops the Pag's (French) Wine bar job that I took for a holiday season where there are over 300 French wines and included French cheese plates just across the street from Paganini Trattoria.

Olive Information:

To be updated:

My Olive List: my Favorites are in bold

  1. Kalamata Olives = 2 olives/ 5 calories
  2. Kalamata Olives pitted = 2 pieces/ 5 calories
  3. Kalamata Olives stuffed with garlic
  4. Cerignola Green (Italian) = 2 olives/ 25 calories
  5. Cerignola Black (Italian)
  6. Nicoise (French) pitted
  7. Ciglione with minced garlic
  8. Greek Green Olives
  9. Greek Cracked Green Olives = 3 olives/20 calories
  10. Greek Green Olives pitted
  11. Greek Green Olives stuffed with Almonds - Crunchy, sweet, mellow, and yummy.
  12. Greek Green Olives stuffed with Citrus - My favorite pick for vodka or gin martinis ( i might even be tempted to make a slightly dirty up a Cosmo with this olive.
  13. Greek Green Olives stuffed with Feta Cheese
  14. Greek Green Olives stuffed with Blue Cheese
  15. Greek Green Olives stuffed with Gorgonzola Cheese
  16. Greek Green Olives stuffed with Garlic
  17. Greek Green Olives stuffed with Minced Garlic
  18. Greek Green Olives stuffed with Jalepeno Pepper = 2 olives/ 15 calories
  19. Green Olives with Sicilian Herbs
  20. Green Olives with Picante = 3 olives/25 calories
  21. Greek Olive Medley
  22. Greek Olive and Feta Cheese salad
  23. Green Olives (Italian) stuffed with strips of Red Pepper
  24. Green Olives (French) stuffed with Anchovies
  25. Mammoth Black Olives = 3 Olives/60 calories - Though the younger olives (less black) taste a bit floral to go with a Chardonnay, the more mature olives are much richer and heartier than an Oil Cured olive.
  26. Maddelena Olives (brilliant purple) = 3 olives/ 35 calories - A very red wine turning to vinegar type of taste with this meaty and bright olive.
  27. Mt. Pelion black Olives: large like a plum (almost the same size as the Mammoth Black Olives) with a floral type of taste.
  28. Manzanilla Black Olives = 3 olives/ 45 calories - These olives are nearly the size of prune plums and are a very dark black color.
  29. Oil Cured black Olives = 8 olives/70 calories
  30. Oil Cured Pitted Olives
  31. Calabrese Olives

Monday, February 25, 2008

Most extreme Coldest town on Earth- Verkhoyansk

67° 33′ 0″ N, 133° 23′ 0″ E coordinates for Verkhoyansk or see Satellite Google Earth map

Verkhoyansk experienced a record low temperature exceeding -90 degrees Farenheit in 1892. Today the average winter temperature of this population of approximately 1500 people is -55 degrees Farenheight. The hottest extreme in the same locale ranges from 102 to 192 °F.

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

the Highly Explosive sQuba by Rinspeed

sQuba is the 1st functional amphibious and submersible luxury sport car.
Go see it at: Geneva Motor Show (also click title for Pravda slideshow link)
When: March 6 - 16, 2008
Ticket Links:

"...engineered by Esoro - What you dream is what you get."
"...The real challenge however was to create a submersible car that moves like a fish in water."
From Website: "PRESS RELEASE"

  • Big guy at Rinspeed: Frank M. Rinderknecht
  • Inspiration: Lotus Elise in 1977 James Bond movie 'The Spy Who Loved Me'.
  • Rinspeed: Founded in 1979
  • sQuba Development time: 30 years;
  • sQuba Production time: 6 months from initial concepts to reality by Esoro

  • Specs: 1st amphibious submersible luxury sport car
  • Exterior Foil Skin: from Wetzel Processing Group, Hornschuch, & Foliatec
  • Interior Elements: salt-water resistant, Mother of Pearl & diamond-plated non- slip abrasive inlays from Strähle + Hess and KGS Diamond
  • Emissions: environmentally friendly car with ZERO emissions.
  • Propulsion: two propellers, pair of Seabob jet drives, 2 electric motors
  • Inside Environment: oxygen is provided through an integrated Scuba-like system
  • Submersible Range: does best to 33 ft./ (10m)
  • Encapsulated: open cockpit
  • Land Motor: electric
  • Batteries: rechargeable Lithium-Ion

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3. Video:


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Simple F-A-R-A for people with family overseas

visit this link: ]

According to some of my collegues from political organizing school they are all for their own influence on U.S. law. Most are involved in U.S. government on the mainland in some capacity. They support (not only because it is in their social interest) severing outside and international connections despite being caucasian themselves democrats who are for the greater public interest. They work on issues to help "the working conditions of"migrant workers, not to empower people with substantial overseas connections, and they exploit immigrants of all walks of life rather than helping (unless it's a social justice cause that makes them look gracious). They do not agree with people like me who are 1st generation in the U.S. This will and does exclude any outside ideas and influence that U.S. officials and Corporate owners do not consider their own;- regardless of how much corporate or other info U.S. companies or individuals rip-off.

"Rip-off"is a term used lightly in domestic matters;- however most people forget that it translates to corporate and government espionage when conducted over U.S. borders. I will never understand how this translates to a more peaceable world. It's the same mentality the Nazi's had when attempting to create a uniform nation of like minded and similar looking people. In anycase FARA was designed in 1938 to Prevent such Nazi behavior.

In 1938, FARA was Congress' response to the large number of German propaganda
agents in the pre-WWII U.S..

One example of FARA being enforced follows at the link:

He was charged not with espionage, but rather for "acting as an unregistered agent of a foreign government." Who qualifies as a foreign agent, and why do they have to

FARA is the Foreign Agent Registration Act for anyone operating on behalf of an other than U.S.A. interest outside or inside U.S. borders. This could include people who represent their family members overseas, who receive money from persons of other nations, etc.

Common questions about what FARA is and who must register:

a Brief About Lobbying: Many Political Action Committees (PACs), Animal welfare organizations, Environmental organizations, and other Charitable organizations host a lobbying day so that you can talk to your Senator, or drop by your senator's office to voice your concern over a particular issue or matter.

Public Citizen publication on FARA for Lobbying and Representing outside interests in the U.S. (nearly any U.S. Citizen can lobby):

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

In old Japanese trade history; ginseng for 35% more

Oko gin (gin meaning silver in Japanese language) was specially minted circa 1650-1700's for a trade agreement with South Korea for the healthful ginseng herb. This herb was important at this time for curing sickness as well as other traditional applications. The Oko gin coin was pressed for this single trade deal and was minted with a higher purity (appx 80%) and silver content (up to 50%). The commonly used cho gin had a lower grade silver and only appx 20% content. The minting of the purer Oko gin was demanded by Korea for this trade deal when it was crucial for Japan to have the ginseng herb for remedies.

from: website
Vintage Japanese Coins:
Ginseng site:

my Similie for my being on the East Coast

It's like trying to start your own golf course in the middle of the Gobi (desert).
You need water to make a green;- yet it keeps evaporating. --- AMK

Monday, February 18, 2008

Nukes from North Korea & Kidnapped Japanese women and kids

"North Korea in February 2007 agreed with the U.S., China, Russia, Japan and South Korea to dismantle its nuclear program in exchange for 1 million metric tons of fuel oil, or equivalent aid, and normalized diplomatic ties with the U.S. and Japan.
Japan has said it won't share the cost of energy assistance until North Korea accounts for Japanese citizens it kidnapped in the 1970s and 1980s. "

From website:

North Korea kidnapped several Japanese women and children by boat from the coastlines of northern Japan. These women and children were forced to live in North Korea so that the North Koreans could learn to speak the Japanese language & infiltrate Japan. I heard this story as one of my many Japanese adopted cousins was abducted at age 12.

Additionally, the U.S. has not taken North Korea off the list of countries that support terrorism;-due to North Korea's failure to provide a Declaration of their Nuclear usage to the U.S.

Iron Ore for 65%more

Due to potentially inferior Steel product from China and China's high demand for more iron ore;- Japan's Nippon Steel & JFE and Sout Korea's Posco have agreed to pay Brazilian company Vale (VALE5.SA) 65% more for their Iron Ore in fiscal year 2008-2009 .
The Nikkei Japanese stock exchange reached its 2 week high. And, this lead to the pinnacle of Brazilian stock market in its most recent month, as Vale is heavily traded on the Bovespa index .BVSP of the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange. Brazilian currency also gained on the U.S. dollar.

"Japanese stocks climbed to a two-week high on Tuesday as trading houses such as
Itochu Corp rose on strong metals prices and big-name exporters were snapped up
by individual investors."

From website:

Nippon Steel: - 2nd in the world for steel manufacturing
JFE Steel:- 3rd in the in the world for steel manufacturing
Takenaka Corporation:- One of Japan's top 5 contracting/ building firms

Sunday, February 17, 2008

New: Africa Energy Comission- as Raw a field as it gets

Most of us know that this was bound to happen. It was just a question of when.
Everyone in the Japan, U.S., Germany, etc. scrambling to set up functional infrastructure, transportation systems, and working on African development in numerous African countires knows that energy is important.

What is more important is that it is in the hands of African people. Like the troubled oil industry in African regions;- an alternative energy dictatorship could become potentially beyond heinous to the people in Africa who already have expensive health care costs just to stay alive. There is an enourmous amount of physical labor involved in setting up solar collector fields, alge ponds for bio-fuels, as well as other inexpensive solar collector and energy sources to put lights in African schools for children to learn.

Today: AFREC is the newly formed African Energy Comission
About 30 energy ministers from African Union countries are in Algiers for the meeting. They have been joined by representatives from other regional and international energy groups, as well as international financial institutions.

From: website-

AFREC is formed just in time for discussion at the Third International Solar Conference.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

U.S. Missile Launch: Toxic Fuel could impact Earth

The multimillion dollar L-21 is a U.S. satellite that could re-enter the earth's atmosphere as lethal gaseous space junk bomb. The non-navigable reconaissance satellite contains approximately 1,000 pounds (454 kg) of lethal hydrazine fuel that could impact the earth and cover the area of a small cityblock. Additionally;- any onboard information can be destroyed with a missile.

The missile launch must happen in the next week, and may be considered a show of U.S. missile capabilities to the Chinese who executed a similar missile-satellite action last year.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'm still single

I'm still single
Originally uploaded by angela kneale
It's Valentine's Day! And, I suppose I have the pieces to a nice day alone. Though, I did get 1 sms Valentine from a sound engineer in D.C. @ midnight.

1. Amy's Roasted Vegetable pizza -no cheese with shiitake muchroom, roasted red pepper, and sweet onion @$7.00 at Wegmans, Tops, Acme, Superfresh

2. Kosher Wine: Recanati from Galilee, Israel- the Yasmin 2006 white is Kosher and 65% Emerald Riesling, 20% Savignon Blanc, 15% French Columbard. I got this bottle at Red Feet Wine in Ithaca, NY appx $15.00

3. Piano Keys: Yamaha digital stage piano

4. Piano Music: one of my favorites to play...Brahms Paganini Variations Urtext edition $30.00

5. Reason I no longer date: Stained Glass Heart given to me by after nerve wracking presentation where his sports car could have killed me as I crossed the street, he slammed on the brakes, jumped out of the car and gave me this piece of art (all in between my crossing the street from my car to my house years ago). Cost: Priceless

Valentine's Day Conception: November 15-24

Do you have a birthday that is approximately 9 months away from Valentine's Day?
This would be appx. November 15 to 24th. Seemed like mom & dad were aiming for having a Thanksgiving babe. Or was is just a Valentine's day conception.
I'm one of these kids, I was conceived on Valentine's day... I've met a couple others... who else is out there?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Jammy Trend from Japan: Puchi Puchi (say it Poochy Poochy)

Ïnfinate Bubble Wrap Hot Trend... You can carry it around and punch the bubble wrap simulated buttons all day! and then, it makes a sound like a dog bark or a game sound of achievement. They're about $12 USD. Click on the above link to see the commercial, feel the song and then order your "puchi puchi"!
I'm groovin to: I want a puchi puchi... gimme your puchi puchi... I like my puchi puchi...

also... see a review of puchipuchi in English

I took the Middle Path

"Inspired by Buddhism, this philosophy stresses the "middle path" as an overriding principle for appropriate conduct and way of life of all people, at individual, community, business and government levels.Sufficiency means moderation, reasonableness and resilience to rapid changes."
From: International Herald Tribune "The wisdom of the 'middle path' Honor fit for a king"

My mother always, always told me to take the middle path for as long as I can remember. I was raised with Shojin ryori values before I knew anything about animal rights and veganism. The U.S. nuked Japan and it directly & severly impacted my life by the time I was 7.
Despite my growing up as a baptized & confirmed Lutheran (The St. John's Evangelical Lutheran church were the racist community values that taught me self-hatred due to my race & ethnicity;- though I had to show community participation as part of this lifelong cultural exchange.)

Here's the article about an action from a decade ago about my then "questionable & radical" behavior.

Changes with Angle

Here are a couple of photos of yours truly. I look so different depending on angle. The B&W was taken by myself up close. The one of me in the red was taken by Diana from afar. They say bi-racial photos are difficult to capture because we look different from every angle!

Thirteen Minutes

Positvely wonderful: Thirteen Minutes magazine popped out at me on the newstand for a change with the music coverage in it's recent issue. That is more specifically, Vol. 2 Issue 3 for $5.99 + tax at the local Borders.
includes in the Music feature issue: Mary Digby, Gackt Oshiro, and Ayumi Hamasaki Also, there are many articles written by Asian Americans, And it offers a refreshing change of featuring Asian influenced models.

Though, I admit I was cringing each time I flipped through Thirteen Minutes magazine the page to see a starkly Aryan European model. I think it's bad enough that completely white people try to pass themselves off as exotic, let alone their latest development in saying that they are Asian and bully their way through a completely mispronounced reading of romaji for Tibetan, Japanese, Chinese and declaring that they are capable of understanding everything Asian. No I don't necessarily mean the models, I mean their subclades of modern fashion and "progressive" acceptance.

Let's delve into culture further and please attend an NYU opening of Kip Fulbeck's the Hapa Project coming next month. I am a halvsie and I am disgusted with the gross racism that is directed at me. Go get a clue at NYU.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

you understand...spooks

The other night, yes after 33 years on the planet, I was talking to a man who seemed to fully understand my sentence: "My dad used to run spooks."
He told me to tell my father thank-you, because he wouldn't be alive as a high-calibur person if it weren't for some of the work my father did.This stranger who said thanks is a competant engineer/builder/marksman/beyond master-diver, etc.

Everyone else just thinks I'm crazy.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Recent Movie Review...

Mad Money- super movie for women of all ages to watch. Feel good crime movie of women improving their lives by ripping off the National Treasury of worthless paper that
is taken out of circulation.
National Treasure- Tried to watch it... got a phone call
seemed like an interesting puzzle table tale with a nice gold city carved in the ending. Somehow it was like deja vu and other treasure seeking movies I've seen.
Rambo- This time it was completely realistic. Really.
Untraceable- Grotesque and somewhat like X-files without the sound effects, similar story line with a rampant murderer.
Atonement- Beautiful movie and story (minus the war images). Tasteful & well done.
Cloverfield- Just short of being better than seeing the filming of a nuclear bomb dropped on Manhattan. This was a downer with killer effects.
Meet the Spartans- Nice compliment to seeing the intense Rambo flick. Light, airy with attractive people and blurred crotch shots. Somebody had fun making this one...and politically even-handed with Ellen DeGeneres and G.W. Bush characters going to the Pit of Death.
There will be blood- Long arse, down to earth, oil prospecting, dirty/clean business story of success. A good make out session, plotting time, just kick back and go...though no waves of hysteria.

Reasons to Hate Everyone

I love you I love you mwah mewah mwah xoxoxo

I've gotten so sick of hearing the tired war comments of reasons why people hate me because i'm direct descent of an Imperial Japanese family... here is a list (to be updated) that I should hate everyone around me...

1. Americans because they Dropped Nuclear bombs on Japan and have affected my health for the rest of my life.

2. Russians for putting my Japanese uncle in Siberian prison camp where he was 1% of total survivors of 1200 Japanese.

2. Koreans for constantly antagonizing, stalking, and harassing me on the East Coast (not to mention war problems with Japan and U.S. --- my great uncle Jo was a tank commander in the Korean war).

3. Japanese for bombing Pearl Harbor (my great uncle eddie was in the Navy and at Pearl harbor at that time... he makes an effort to be civil with my Japanese mother)

4. Chinese... for nearly breaking my arm when I visited a Jook Lum studio in Philly's China town with a musical colleague who does his Praying Mantis style there.

5. American particularly white men (see note*) for always taking from me and never outrightly helping me. They always take more money and time from me than I can afford... and then not to mention the humiliation of the fact that they then do nothing to help and everything to see my demise.
note*: I'm not speaking of the run of the mill beer drinker... I mean more like the political affectors & large entrepreneurial personalities.

Enough for now before I create a list of high-end names that have adversely impacted my life here in the States not including my calls to the ATF,, Homeland Security, etc. etc. . And then i'm expected to live like a normal person.... so I ask... with what besides my arse?

Valentine's PAC Sun Tour- Ny Area

What: The Audition featuring Envy On the Coast / Danger Radio / Another Day
Where: The Loft Poughkeepsie, NY
When: Thu, 02/14/08 06:30 PM

I purchased a Hurley bag that says Hurley all over it and in freezer pop colors this weekend and was given the PAC Tour Cd sampler and told I could get tickets for this week. Apparently, with some rumor that they would be stopping in & nearby the local Ithaca store.

aaaargh... though just checking the Pac Sun site reminded me that I left my Billabong bikini at the gym...ooops.

Rambo & Untraceable- Please don't support Violence

Over the weekend I caught up on movies with the wretchedly disgusting Untraceable only paralelled by the recent release of Rambo in grotesque violence. Though even after being invited to and attending a talk given by a Burmese monk on Burma at Cornell University (approximately the same time when Japanese reporter Kenji Nagai was killed); - at least Rambo is somewhat progressive in communicating how brutal Burma can be. see an example of real-life footage on Kenji Nagai Though, my Japanese upbringing still tells me that I should not support violence. It is still a hyper politically charged issue to financially support violence in any way. It's not a matter of "turning-away" so much as it is a matter of cutting of financial support that sustains that environment.
Boycotts are normal in the consumer world. In the political & financial world of global commerce the same type of "boycott" action is taking by cutting funding to those terse and ill regions. There is still more that can be done; - none of which is a humane approach to solving the problem. Like rat poison;- people are affected by everything they come in contact with. Weather it kills the enemy or weakens them;- everything is fair in war. Cutting funding to the plight is the best action in entirety. I can also speak from personal experience on that here in the U.S. however- it is an entirely different and seperate matter from attending a talk on Burma. During the talk provided by the Burmese monk, I was thankful that my exposure to Asian languages helped me understand the talk more than what the translator presented to us in English. Somehow all those nuances are lost and people get the "soundbite"version of what is going on without the descript storytelling impacting them at the time of the talk. Then you couple that with some photos after a 2 hr. session and you have one long-arse version of a Cnn report. I'll clean up this article in a bit.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Mach 5 - a first in anime from Japan to the U.S.

The original Japanese anime entitled "Mach GoGoGo" was created with inspiration from Viva Las Vegas and Goldfinger and imported to the U.S. as "Speed Racer". I grew up in the States watching Speedracer as a kid, watched the 3am MTV version while in College eating spaghetti after piano practice because the building closed, and just can't wait to see the Speed Racer movie!

Speed Racer Pages:
About Speedracer
Official Speedracer Site:

High Performance Hybrids

Still a far cry from 007's, the James Bond amphibious Lotus Esprit; the Lotus Exige is a Real-live-ready-2-drive Hybrid of Interest...
"And Lotus does it with a 1.8-liter inline-4 that gives you the kind of great fuel economy you'd expect from a Prius."
From : Driver Review of Lotus Exige 2008 at Edmunds

Grand Prix racing season is upon us and the closest race track to this blogger in Watkins Glen, NY will have its first major race June 3-6, 2008.

"Lotus is credited with making the mid-engined layout popular for Indycars, developing the first monocoque Formula 1 chassis, and the integration of the engine and transaxle as chassis components. Lotus was also among the pioneers in Formula 1 in adding wings and shaping the undersurface of the car to create downforce, as well as the first to move radiators to the sides in the car to aid in aerodynamic performance, and inventing active suspension."

From Wikipedia entry on Lotus:

2008 Exige S 240: concept carz : wikipedia link : Edmunds
2008 USA Exige S 220
2008 UK Exige S 220

Lotus 265E
"The new 265E version is powered by the same-old supercharged Toyota engine as the familiar Exige S, but this time runs on bio-ethanol meaning around 70% less carbon dioxide emissions and 44bhp more go. Sounds virtuous? Well as 0-60mph arrives in 3.88 seconds and the top speed is a hugely illegal 158mph your virtue may be in jeopardy. Your honour."
From: Greener Machine blog at

Get more online about the Saving 4 Change:
$"2.80 per gallon currently is a “psychological turning point for consumers,” says David Tompkins, executive director of business solutions at Edmund"
From: Edmunds Blog:
Yet I wonder why people have cars if they all have to scrape to fill the gastank? Next: Price tag of the Exige...

Lotus Sport Exige (243 HP): 15 in production at appx. $80,000.00 USD
About Lotus
The Company (Group Lotus) also acts as an engineering consultancy, providing engineering development - particularly of suspension - for other car manufacturers. The lesser known Powertrain department is responsible for the design and development of the 4 cylinder engine found in many of GM's Vauxhall, Opel, Saab, and possibly some Saturn cars. It should however be noted that the current Lotus Elise and Exige models use the 1.8L VVTL-i I4 from Toyota's late Celica GT-S and the Matrix XRS.


The Exige 265E is a factory-built Exige S optimized to run on E85, comprised of 85% ethanol. The higher octane of this biofuel allows a higher compression ratio and/or more supercharger boost. Lotus says it has no intention to build the 265E (E for Experimental) as a production car, and that it is simply a biofuels demonstrator. According to Lotus, the Exige 265E model has the following specifications:

Additional Link Credits:
Hemmings Auto Blogs

Porsche Panamera

Friday, February 08, 2008

J-Pop for February

It's rare to see a popular Japanese face (bijin) here on the East Coast USA.
There is such a density of people of Korean and Chinese descent on the East Coast of the USA that most people who haven't had exposure or travel to Japanese culture, beauty, aesthetic assume that all people of Asiatic peoples are the same (see list of Asian Nations).

So, without further adieu;- here's a list of "must-know bands" from this month's Shojo Beat Please comment with other suggestions!

Asian Kung Fu Generation
Every Little Thing
Utada Hikaru
M-flowDragon Ash
Crystal Kay

Monday, January 28, 2008

Consulting - to get paid or give away?

Yesterday I attended a "logo meeting" for a new and upcoming not-for-profit entity.
More specifically for a group of artists in the field of movement & dance. I was the only non-white person present despite my stressed out bleached hair and colored contacts. Their designer was present and after the meeting was over, (mind my personal comment;)- a typical white male with a ponytail who just took a word that means "One body" and visually turned it into the name of an Irish woman who is called grandmother in German. I don't care how the white male consultant "looks". I've met many male "designers" who seem to think that they are doing right by everyone. In anycase, after the meeting I wanted to unjoin entirely from the very white mindset that dominated the day. Yet at this point to give my professional opinion (as i have done professional business entity creation) is costing me (not them) my time as a mixed-race woman. To give away? or can i afford my opinion?