Thursday, November 23, 2006

Phone to Phone Calling

Re: Phone to Phone calling...
Free rates apply to registered Jajah users (both caller and call recipient)
The low rates apply when there is at least 1 unregistered Skype user. Registration does not change the Phone provider. This service, as I have experienced it is independent of the cell phone service provider or landline service provider.
You might ask, "Then why use Jajah?".
For international calls especially, I like to receive calls on my mobile phone.
However, my mobile company charges me $1.32 to $1.50 a minute for calls.
I got sick of having to go to the convenience stores to buy international calling cards at the $10 at $0.06/min to Asia. Or punching in over 26 numbers and waiting to make calling card calls.

Jajah is a solution for me due to the simplicity. My rates through Jajah are approximately 1/10th of what I would pay to my cell phone carrier.
I can talk for reasonable amounts of time and send text messages at a better rate!

Read below for a variety of common options for reduced cost communication!!!
1: Phone to Phone calling (minimal use of computer)
No Download needed. Online registration required. Free calling from phone to phone in your Zone. - Domestic and International Phone calls & Text Messaging.

Jajah is great for the person who wants to make calls without all the computer gear; ie, video cam and headset. You don't necessarily need your computer after registration, but you do need your own phone and the person you're calling needs to have a phone. You talk through your phone at a reduced or free rate compared to some traditional calling plans. The rate is sometimes 1/10th of the normal cost of International overseas calling rates! It is very low cost compared to packaged International calling rates from your landline. (see rates here) That's 3 yen/minute Junko Obasan to Takenaka san!!! Not 10 yen/ minute.

Also, your grandmother, or mine in that far away land won't need computer access.
You can quickly patch the call through to your loved one and they only need their phone. And, you can use your phone handset/headset and walk around your house! No being attached to the computer for any reason...commonly found with using PC to phone calling through Yahoo or MSN or Skype.

Mobile phone to Mobile phone or Phone - Mobile to Mobile free calling. New! Check out the required Mobile phone to use this Jajah feature and use of a computer to register your number with Jajah. It seems you must still have a regular calling plan; though if you're calling out of the country this feature can be very useful. Some mobile plans charge up to $1.50/ minute of air time to Outside countries. Jajah can make those calls more affordable.


  1. Don't forget you now can chat with others worldwide using the "Universal Chat Translator and Speaker" for Skype. For more information Click Here

  2. If you're a mobile user you really should check out Rebtel for free or low cost international calls.

    Skype is great if you want to make computer calls. And Jajah is fine for Web calls, since you have to go to their Website every time you want to make a call. But Rebtel lets you call straight from your mobile.

  3. With JAJAH you *can* actually make your calls directly from your mobile. From your user account click on "Tools" at the bottom of the page, then go to "JAJAH Mobile" and choose you phone. JAJAH Mobile will download to your phone so now you don't even need a computer to initiate a call and save money.