Sunday, November 26, 2006

Mobile to Mobile or Landline Calling

REBTEL; Free to RebIn Countries and nominal cost to RebOut countries; see partial RebIn list below.

After posting some usual solutions to expensive overseas and not-in the local calling area phone charges; I was introduced to Rebtel. Simple; Pay $1 USD/ week and call any RebIn country for $0.00/ minute. There is a small amount of front end user work to do to make this work; It is time well spent.

If some of the concepts here seem too confusing to you for any reason; think of this as if setting up a conference call between 2 users. You basically set up a number to have the person you're calling to contact you. The difference is that there is no "set" calling time. You, the caller contact their phone and they hang up and dial into a local number that you have assigned for them even though you never hang up on them...stay and wait for them to return your call.

$1 a week to these countries and more through Rebbing
Some of the Countries that I saw included for RebInare:
USA mainland
New Zealand
United Kingdom

Rebtel is a super solution. You can even add your Outlook contacts (beta).

Rebtel RebOut offers the Mobile user to make affordable calls using the existing Cell phone plan; countries that are not in Blue (Blue indicates RebIn at this link). There is a current $1 weekly fee that must be paid, and there is billing as a normal local call rate (so if your local call is $0.26/ min your Rebtel call will be the cost + the $0.26/min.) So, check your current landline or cell. phone plan to see your call cost.

For emergencies it wouldn't hurt to have the service as a backup. Most Mobile companies are still charging upwards of $1 per minute for international mobile to mobile or mobile to landline calls. And yes, there is SMS text messaging available.

For someone Helping a family in need in Namibia; Here's an example of regular calling to a Country like Namibia (very expensive to start with);

Namibia through Rebtel is $0.27 cents to a mobile and $0.15 to a landland from the Mainland USA. Rebtel is 5 to 10 cents less per minute from the traditional plans, and some calling cards.

The Rebtel user here is a RebOut caller. This RebOut means that a nominal fee will be incurred for per minute useage plus any local calling charges. The Rebtel caller will have a local number set up for the call recipient to call into.

Readers: Please let me know if there are any corrections that I can make to improve this article.
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