Monday, November 20, 2006

About Recruitment

Over the past Decade I have learned a variety of recruitment methods; all grassroots/ 1 on 1.

Reading sites about a variety of companies who market products through individuals has really perked my attention on the Recruitment matter.

There are several instances that I can think about:

1. Many people grew up fundraising door to door for baseball, soccer, the senior trip, or for their favorite campy/ militant survival club. (that's honest to many people and harmless)

2. Many people have engaged in door-to-door people of faith recruitment procedures; depending on what faith they try to muster. (that's being devoted to many people and not an offensive nuisance)

3. Many people jump on a political bandwagon without studying politics and work for change. (that's considered smart work to many people and not the actions of charlatans)

4. Many people expect to be recruited for the Military. And, some are willing to "fight"for this country. They're recruited and don't know what will happen to them; whether they return live, dead, or severely injured. (that's considered brave, courageous, and admirable to many people and not with a total lack of respect to the taxpayers and families who are forced to afford such brazen actions)

With these things in my mind, how can I possibly not justify learning more, and furthering my education in some the systems that exist? Whether it's for people, the environment we live in, the creatures of the planet, making money, or any other fun adventure.... why is recruitment and learning such a scary and loathed subject by so many people?