Wednesday, October 18, 2006

U.S. to Defend Japan

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There is some positive news for Condoleezza Rice announcing today that the U.S. is ready to protect Japan from a Nuclear attack/ arms race developing in Asia. That the New Prime Minister Abe is totally advocating for a peaceful Japan, and to develop Japan as a global conference center for commerce.

More on a personal note; I am thankful to hear news like this. The majority of my family is in Japan; and N. JAPAN in particular. Places like Akita-ken where my Grandmother lives are directly across the Sea of Japan from North Korea. Though the Northern part of Japan has less population than the lower southern areas of Japan; if the northern parts become occupied by Koreans or Russians, then there will surely be more of an internal battle. Though, with heavy winter weather...haha... yeah it would be more like a Valley Forge military story. Not trying to make light of the situation; however the Kuril islands are still in dispute. There are old Navy military compounds that are still existing in those areas.

One of my Great Uncle' was a political prisoner in Sibera and told me stories about how they had to survive siberian prison camp. News about North Korea puts me on edge, like an impending huge hurricane or 7.0 earthquake. Once things change, it is very difficult to restore anything to a normal state.

The news about North Korea also bothers me due to the newly found oil territories in the Sea between Japan and China. Last year in July, Koizumi, prevented the onset of a war with China over the oil reserves. If North Korea has any goals to move forward and create an economy for themselves, they will most likey instigate further attacks on Japan. China will be the big sleepy giant in this battle. I would hope that the new P.M. Abe can keep North Korea cooled off