Sunday, October 22, 2006

There is a mentality that is tired for the 21st century.
It is the mentality of people who have it easy in the States and do not know about Asia, or Japan aside from their war experiences and handed down stories. I have met some other Halvsie// hafu people who have the same experience that I have had. It is the complete rejection of Japanese culture and/or mindset and the farce that they create by saying that Japanese is not a language, that Japanese people are all bad, that people from Japan are all crazy as well as Japanese related kin. Here on the east coast, there are pockets of small town people who still try to shove their small town view upon people of Japanese descent. They particularly hate buddhism and related people; put up a front of "cultural & racial acceptance" when in the trenches here in the working world those same people are doing everything in their power to harm people of Japanese descent.

I think that this happens frequently in small towns because the people are afraid about money issues. So afraid to pay someone who wants to visit their Japanese family, or create a positive environment. Once the racial threshold is crossed partway by those of us who are Haafu, Americans seem to think they can slander and berate our Japanese heritage without having any offense taken. Or, they're just playing dumb racist. I'm not sure which it is. Though it's an amazing array of split personalities that the racist offenders put up so that they can pretend they're understanding.

One story I heard from CT is that they're trying to declare someone who is Buddhist as "clinically insane". This person happens to have an older child in her custody as well. I have experienced the same type of intolerant attitude from people in my community. These are the same people who host Asian exchange students and then throw them out on the street for not being Christian. The same type of people who allow their children to play military torture with their adopted Asian children while these wars and negotiations are taking place. It's not right.

There are better attitudes and efforts towards multi-cultural understanding. My father was in the U.S. military and my grandfather, and great grandfather, as well as uncles. My mother is from Japan, and though things aren't perfect there is still a higher level of cultural understanding and acceptance.


  1. Mostly true statements.
    Here on the West Coast we/I find that many Japanese-Americans second generation, only relate to being American and look down at times on Native Japanese. First Generation Japanese here are VERY Conservative about mixing with others. Where as in Japan these days for the most part mixing is welcome and accpeted.
    I know the East coast is a whole different world from here and even more so in small town America.

    Please check some of the links on my page so see another side of things. Anyway even if you do not, know you are not alone...

    I have been trying to get my wife, from Japan, also a friend of ours from Tokyo to blog about thier "adventures" here in the land of the "free"

  2. I've got to say, in my nearly 55 years of being a haffu, I've not met with the sort of racism you describe, at least not of the extreme you talk about. I did experience some, but it wasn't as vehement, that's for sure. Whatever racism I endured was during my teen years, both in Okinawa (mainly by native Okinawans), and here in CA in the 60's. The CA version was aimed more at my caucasianness(?) by militant blacks of the period, no mention about me being a Japanese person...I was 'whitey' to those folks, and someone to be hated because of that. I figure it was a blanket hatred against anyone who wasn't black at the time. Black Panthers and all that. Since my early 20's I haven't really felt any sort of bad vibes about my ethnicity, this is in the central CA vicinity, and there is a great diversity of cultures/ethnicities in this area, which could explain some. Not a real 'redneck' sort of place, which is good, I reckon. Sounds like you've got a pretty crappy deal there in PA, which I've been to many times, being a truck driver. I don't recall any sort of racism being flung my way whenever I was there and I've been to quite a few different locales in that state. Maybe I was there on an off day for the die-hard haters. I hope you can find some way to either deal with what's happening there or a way to get the hell outta Dodge. It doesn't sound like a very nice place to be not completely white to me. Good luck OKo_ne...Lou Jones.