Sunday, October 22, 2006

Liberals, Conservatives, & Media

I am writing from my uniquely halvsie, bi-racial perspective yet again. The last bout of negotiations with N. Korea and Bush's cabinet came under attack in a personal conversation I had with a national media person. He really didn't seem to care that he jumped down Bush's throat for having anything to do with defending Japan. This person also really was mindless of my feelings, in that my family is Japanese. I made a said to him, at that point, on this issue I admire him (Bush). Yes, I'm registered green party. Though I vote the best way I can... humanely.

I think there are a significant number of Democrats and like people who really just jump on the Bash Bush bandwagon and are lead like lambs. There is an unintelligent side to American politics. The American side of "American politics". Yes, that includes me. Especially me. I paid in excess of $10,000 to Green Corps and the University of Montana to learn about American citizen politics, worked my tail off, and got slammed real hard for not being white. Even in the "Liberal corps". Yes I understand what things are, what things aren't and choose to try and save my butt the best way I can. however, I have gone for 31 years trying to fit into a society that only harms me because I'm not white, I'm Half Japanese and they attach their own jealous sentiment to how they treat me, thus adding to the misery. It is very difficult to live in a place where the people are rotten by nature; a festering pit full of chemically laden prunes that recirculate their diarrhea to refine their own level of rottenness.

That is today's opinion from this 1st generation American halvsie.