Thursday, October 05, 2006

Irradiated Spinach Here?

Quakertown, Pa , Bucks County, Race, Reality, Cobalt, Spinach, Halvsie, etc.

Homeland Security Issue; Yes, Definitely

Food is unsafe, and the area is teaming with terrorist representatives.

By Oko_ne

Many people do not understand specifically “Why” the past 3 to 4 years have been an absolute nightmare for me. I shall start with the primary issues of the area; 1. There is an Irradiation plant in Quakertown, PA. 2. The area is heavily racist and KKK/ White Supremacist based ideology is practiced.

So, I was raised here in Quakertown, PA. And, I returned here after finally having opportunity to leave a very bad relationship 1 year after completion of a B.A.. I actually had no idea that there was an irradiation plant here in Quakertown until I noticed the “No Cobalt for Food’ bumper stickers on cars here. This is unusual because normally; there are few “progressive minded” bumperstickers around. It was quite different from the Christian right fish or God or Eagles Football Team stickers.

Unfortunately; this irradiation plant has surfaced many very difficult issues in my personal life, including the loss of my brother. While alive, my younger, and only brother had a temporary work assignment at the Irradiation plant and he had told me that they, “Irradiate nearly everything you can think of.” After hearing this I was quite disturbed that he worked there at all since we are both of ½ Japanese descent and our mother battled a terminal cancer by the time I was in 1st grade. My little brother, then 23, only worked there for 4 days. He said his skull felt like it was vibrating, he felt like his teeth were going to fall out as he worked there, and that he really felt like it embodied an energy that he could only describe as death. He told me of the Homeland Security issues surrounding the place. And, that there is “Klan” here that want to use the Cobalt that is stored under the heavy water to make a bomb to use on Philadelphia. [“BTW; the Cobalt is under the heavy water so that if it blows; there is heavy water above it.”] (that statement did not make me feel safe). It was dismaying to hear the news as a 2nd cousin on my father’s side of the family who was running H.U.D. in Phila. for appx. $250,000.00/ year. Though I was happy to hear that Phila. Finally did job cuts out of financial needs…And, I really do feel for the people of Phila.; I understand my family quite well and where I rank with them due to my bi-racial genetic makeup. Me, I’m sitting here nearly penniless and unable to secure employment, which is part of why I blog.

The question about the area that I do want to answer is “Are there terrorists?”

The answer is yes, there are many representative known and armed terrorist groups lingering in the area. Here’s a small list of my horrible encounters that is big enough to cause problems for me, as I believe that my brother and I in particular are being used as scapegoats due to our Halvsie background.

· Irish Red Army

· Ku Klux Klan; and divisions thereof hiding behind the local churches; particularly Lutheran, and the Big Cavalry Baptist Church in Souderton.

· Militia from various areas; note just check truck for bumper stickers.

· World Tour/ The Walkabout yacht – the Portland crowd – though apparently bargained a job with the Feds so now they run sonar/ radar from the boat and make trips to Sri Lanka.

· Korean maffia- of unknown origin

· Taliban Supporters with airport security clearance (NJ)

Unfortunately, I was only thinking of the recent spinach disaster at the supermarkets. As, many people who are concerned about their food want to know what is going on. One of my hypothesis (as I’m sure others have their own) is that the Spinach had increased contamination rates due to irradiation. Irradiation of food is known to “speed the growth of bacteria & fungus”. This applies to nearly all spices we use to flavor our food. As my little bro said, ‘They irradiate nearly everything you can think of.” With reference to the Quakertown, PA irradiation plant that has a nearby Logistics/ truck stop as a Hub for distribution. Regardless, you’re not going to find anything good at the Irradiation plant; especially not veggies.

And, I won't get into why this plant and the people around it are an even a bigger issue that has destroyed my life;