Wednesday, October 18, 2006

China, India, North Korea, Japan, Missiles

It's just my opinion; I think that North Korea is going for the ears first; creating a racket and driving everyone crazy with paranoia. Then, they'll drive it down the jugular like a pressure hold or a gun pointed to the throat. I don't know where this will leave Japan; or, if N. Korea is the tool of China to push the pressure at Japan and then make them move. China's already made motions to cut off shipments and manufacturing of Japanese goods and food supplies. Most of Japan's food is imported from China, Australia, and other nearby nations.

The North.Korean ships that are being checked are another major concern for weapons and military movement. This is in addition to the checks that the Chinese military have upped on the N. Korean vessels. see article: Australia to ban N. Korean Ships

I understand that the Oil that was found and negotiated a little over 1 year ago is of major value to China; and they really don't want to be giving anything to Japan. And, that includes chopsticks. If the Chinese adopted Japanese chopstick styles, there would be more than enough bamboo to go around.

Additionally, India's close ties with china and their aggressive business presence may compromise any U.S. negotiations with current U.S. public opinion. Many people in the U.S.A. are extremely upset with the number of jobs leaving the U.S. for places like India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka in the tech sector for outsourcing. Cutting off our ears first, indeed.

Attack on Sri Lanka military convoy kills 92

'Threat to the peace process'
The attack comes as a Japanese envoy held talks with the Sri Lankan president Monday amid intensified diplomatic efforts to strengthen the peace process between the government and rebels ahead of scheduled talks between the two sides later this month in Switzerland.

Website reference: MSN news;

Another quotation from CNN World

The surge in violence comes as Sri Lanka faces increasing international pressure to return to the negotiating table.

Japanese peace envoy Yasushi Akashi was scheduled to hold talks with rebel leaders in the north Wednesday, according to The Associated Press.

Website reference: Cnn article "Deadly attack at Sri Lanka port
POSTED: 9:27 p.m. EDT, October 18, 2006"

I think that the release of the 24 million USD to Korea is a good move on part of the U.S. In theory, it should take some of the pressure off of the Nuclear threat.The bad part is that the Missiles seemingly exist. And, the money can be used to further fuel their troops. Humanitarian aid is essential to North Korea's survival. North Korea would be smart to invest that money in the Japanese economy. Investment isn't just a gift, it is a lifeline for those who are intelligent enough to make due with what they have. See below...

India, keen to present itself as a responsible nuclear power with a democratic polity, is worried that North Korea's move might scupper a civilian nuclear deal with the United States that was signed last year.

The agreement has been stalled in the U.S. Congress, which has to give its approval before President George W. Bush can sign it into law.

website reference: Reuters: India "India says North Korea test poses threat beyond Asia Wed Oct 18, 2006 8:00 PM IST163"