Saturday, October 07, 2006

Bucks County Heroin Deaths

I am a bit upset with the following that I heard today....

That a week ago some local Doylestown kids died from taking Heroin. @ 19years old.
And, that some of the young adult dealers were being let off by the police; despite the fact that they were caught with bags of heroin. And, that it happened several times. Apparently, someone put a fetynal in the mix and it puts people into comas nearly immediately. It's really sad.

Found an article about 5 deaths here since Jan.

Though, I expect that the usual will happen; that the major dealers will get off with a bargain with the judge for a payment in excess of 25,000 USD. The dealers will continue to deal and do their thing. It's so miserable.
People just don't get it; that the dealers and distributors move into a new and "naive" area, and essentially pull the bottom out on the town or locale. Like posing Mortgage brokers to run a scam and purchase property, get people to buy, pull out the equity through purchase of their "goods". The Govt. really doesn't give a ff because they invariably get a cut of it before it's too late. Yuk.

And, in the case of the kids/ YA's- I heard that the doctor's wouldn't accept them for rehab...even with Health insurance. I'm guessing the type of doctors I've heard about who , before taking the oath, they are dealing tons of drugs to pay for their degree ...

What a rotten thing to hear. Aside from the fact that there isn't decent help in the county inside a 100 mile radius. (make that 190 miles).