Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Addicted to Organizing

Addicted to Organizing

Some people here in the States are so suspicious and dull. I'm not talking about the Washington D.C. crowd. I mean the average Joe or Jane American who goes to work each day, flips on the 30 minute news spot and feels that's enough of the world for them for the day. Some people have an eclectic mix of Entertainment news; so they know how to look, how to act, who to talk about because they wouldn't be able to relate to each other without their entertainment.

I suppose I've had a little too much organizing experience; and I’m addicted to it. Yes, the grassroots organizer style of "talk to everyone and learn from everyone". Who's really doing what, what their ideas are and what's really going on in our local towns and at a National level? And 'Whew!' is it ever time consuming. It's the unpaid information system of how people interact. Let's face it. It's the only independent news flow that goes unimpeded by commercial advertising. My reality is that, when I click on my Yahoo or MSN news and see a photo of a woman bearing body buffers and bling... I just groan. Those photos aren't the reality that makes the world go round' like it used to. Nor is it attractive. There are so many beautiful people in the world. Why doesn't everyone attractive get paid for a commercial photo as an extension of the "seeking a perfect mate online".

So, I'm addicted to organizing; talking to people in towns over the past 4 years... hearing travel stories, hearing about homeland bouts and how it's affected the Dating scene. It is far more interesting in the Big picture. America's gotten to big and people, like kids on Christmas, expect too much for the long haul. Like a golden apple that will never tarnish, the American Ideal is an illusory device that people keep pursuing. Yeah, it drives the economy and gives each of us more options than rubbing a couple of twigs together to tempt our taste buds for a tribe braised meal.
However, what is really going on out there? Does anyone know?

My green party stance that I adopted due to a lack of actual bio-regional behavior in politics makes me applaud the latest terrorist news from our Mr. President... George Bush. News on: Hardcore Interrogation of potential terrorist threat.