Monday, October 23, 2006

About Primerica

So, In just a few short minutes I'm leaving for my Primerica orientation.
I met Justin. I met him at Starbucks, out here in the boonies. I'm there, at the Starbucks enough to know that Justin is there at least everyother day sharing the business plan with someone. Not dressed in a suit, he's dressed like a normal human being. I overheard his 3%, 6%, 12% talk and the law of 72. So, we talked for a couple of hours. He lent me a book called Coach and went on to talk about Primerica. How they sell Term Insurance. They're a hot new, young company and that companies like NY Life just keep taking money from Middle America.

So, I read some of the book. It's very American Apple pie like in it's content.
Good and wholesome approach to life. Justin warned me that I'd find enough bad stuff out there online searching for Primerica. I've only found some things between 2002-2006 that are vaguely coherent. So, off I go, another afternoon job hunting.
I wonder about the Term Life policies being sold; in theory every new family should have one to cover their new home until they are established.

Though, who knows. I don't understand these numbers on the Term Life.
I hope to find out more today.

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