Monday, October 23, 2006

About Primerica

So, In just a few short minutes I'm leaving for my Primerica orientation.
I met Justin. I met him at Starbucks, out here in the boonies. I'm there, at the Starbucks enough to know that Justin is there at least everyother day sharing the business plan with someone. Not dressed in a suit, he's dressed like a normal human being. I overheard his 3%, 6%, 12% talk and the law of 72. So, we talked for a couple of hours. He lent me a book called Coach and went on to talk about Primerica. How they sell Term Insurance. They're a hot new, young company and that companies like NY Life just keep taking money from Middle America.

So, I read some of the book. It's very American Apple pie like in it's content.
Good and wholesome approach to life. Justin warned me that I'd find enough bad stuff out there online searching for Primerica. I've only found some things between 2002-2006 that are vaguely coherent. So, off I go, another afternoon job hunting.
I wonder about the Term Life policies being sold; in theory every new family should have one to cover their new home until they are established.

Though, who knows. I don't understand these numbers on the Term Life.
I hope to find out more today.

Here are some links that I found helpful after my meeting today (see comments):
hello it's ALE's Blog
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  1. Primerica is not new. It is not hot. It is just like Amway, Shaklee, Nikken, etc. Pyramid is how the money is made. It doesn't matter how good the product or how good th advice, pyramid and how many people you can recruit, most of whom will not succeed and whom will spend money they do not have for the hope of being one of those keynote speakers at the "big convention" where everyone who is allowed to speak talks about how it changed their lives. Primerica, the hot, NEW company screwed me out of any spare change I had when I was desparate for an opportunity to make money to survive 15 years ago. They can say they are new because they still aren't reputable enough to be recognized. Any bastard tries to indoctrinate me into their "cult" will be met with kind words but a stern no. I warn anyone who considers this group as an answer to their problems to run the other way!!!!!

  2. I am really very serious when I say that Primerica is a very bad idea!!!!!!

  3. Today I met with Anne, the Daughter of A.L. Williams. There were no gimmicks, just literature and good conversation; the type of people who would allow me to work. I didn't experience any tension. I went through the interview and I really admire Anne. Business is business. I know that that can be difficult. I haven't seen anything different, and studying for a licensing exam at $199 is reasonable considering the State of Pennsylvania requires 24 hours of school time. Pyramid or not, business works over a long haul. Like life, noone said it would be easy. Same as any Insurance certification... study, buy the study materials, and work. If you're not going to see it through, you know a little bit more about the industry. The people running the company have had to work hard to get where they are. That, is understood.

  4. good luck, you are on your own with this one. The message of buying term and investing the difference is very sound. The business pyramid plan is not. Follow the hype. They have been perfecting it for years. Don't blame anyone but yourself if you are not happy with the outcome. the cycle of KARMA

  5. You can criticize the entire country of white people you hate so much but you can't take a warning and criticism from anyone.

    $199 may not be bad for getting training but if you go to prudential or some other established legitimate insurance agency, you will get paid while training, you will get benefits, you will get commissions, you will get contacts. That makes $199 sound like a shit load of money. And guess what, that is not all you will spend before you start to see any return. If you understand business you will understand that. By the way, don't worry, I am not calling (see blog about free calling). I just was trying to warn you as a friend but friends aren't allowed to disagree with the great Oko_ne, are they? Get off your pedestal, look at the world around you and learn to adapt. You will never be ready for relationships, friendships, financial independance and certainly not cold call marketing of insurance with the white nation you hate so much until you open your mind and realize that "emptiness" means the pen can be a pen or a chew toy (person or dogs perspective) your view point is what you put on the object. I truely still care about you but you need to accept that sometimes you don't know what you are doing. So ultimately, you will always resent and hate me for being a person who in your life put you ahead of myself. You owe me nothing but I still am not going to treat you like garbage as you obviously view me to be. Good luck and good bye

  6. Oko_ne you are in an interview under a controlled environment.
    The compnay is for real, the problem is the lack of freedom for the agent there!

    I was there for 8 years. Anne is a master recruiter. Ask her how many term insurance companies can you represent?
    Ask her if you can add other financial services like fixed annuities or do commercial mortgages?
    Ask her if you can add Auto/Home insurance?
    Ask her is you can practice as a Certified Financial Planner?
    Ask her why do you have to give up an agency leg to become an RVP?

    Please Oko_ne go in with your eyes wide open and read the IBA contract page called BASIC AGREEMENT sections 6,7,10,15 and 17
    I can tell you what that means but you might want to aks a lawyer-friend so that you really see the truth.
    In PFS you are an independent-CAPTIVE agent. It is an oxymoron really...
    There is nothig worse than being CAPTIVE in insurance and finances!
    Good luck,
    R. Rodriguez

  7. Hi R.Rodrigez,

    I live in a small suburb. I'm really looking for a FT job, however it seems impossible given the area where I live. Yes I completed college. Though, my mother immigrated from Japan. I have already signed the application agreement, yesterday and put in the $199. I have to put my trust somewhere. It's not however, naivety. This is my circumstance.
    It sounds like 8 years of working/employment is a wonderful thing. I would like to be able to have such wonderful credentials. It sounds like Primerica; though not a maximal income, may be a good place for me for a while. Though, I am going to pay to see if I can sell their product. It is overwhelming to me. I can only hope for the best and prove myself to be good for the biz.

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  9. Ok Oko_ne learn as much as you can there.
    If you like it and you prove yourself to be good at it I can give you a real agent contract in time.
    Good luck and go pass that licensing test!
    PFS is a decent place to start learning. One thing though:
    Do not give anyone the top 25 list.
    Do not give them copies of it, they can really harm you.
    You said yourself you have a small town market, so protect it.


  10. Dear jeb/JEB James E. Brasted;

    I suppose that you think you fully understand Buddhism and Karma because you went to a few meetings, I suppose you think that you've enhanced my life, I understand that you think you're a god for helping to make Central/Lower Bucks a floodplain in the past 5 of 10 years. And, yes; I do not like the White Aryan nations' organizations in the area. And, please leave me alone! you contort Buddhism just like you think Empasting a canvas is painting like Van Gogh who was a skilled painter. I'm an American born Eurasian meaning part European part Japanese; I don't hold anything against anyone unless they in some way compromise my life; like you please go away. And, Stay off my Blog!

  11. Last year I checked out New York Life; though I felt the price range for the plans & products I would sell were a bit steep for the newer home owner. Also, I saw the incentives plan; and it seemed unreal to me...aside from the fact that I wasn't ready to get into the business then. Maybe 7 years ago, I checked out a different insurance company; and I didn't like the door knocking in the country areas with loose hound dogs running at me. So, maybe for me, Primerica will be o.k. I like the New York Life package, though I can't afford it in the huge chunks for all of the immediate schooling and then waiting to be reimbursed. My friends have tried Prudential and given a go at some other Companies and said NO. Don’t do it. While they were/ and still are becoming successful at other business that they independently run. Primerica, though tough; has a new line of products that they claim are going to be available in 2007. It sounds exciting to me. This is very exciting.

  12. PFS can add all they want, the products are not the problem there.
    It is the contract that has to be changed!
    Look at the contract you signed.
    Oh My God what is that about Aryan Nations stuff there?
    When will some people understand that there is only one race?
    That is human and that a change in the pigmentation of their skin is due to a hormone called melonen.
    Why put others down so you can feel high and mighty?
    In the end, it a lie.
    I'm sorry if I overstepped but racism is sad chapter of humanity.

  13. Does this sound familiar"Be my friend" Or before our first client training "I bet you are a good cook how about dinner at your house" OR when the rep.did not not like the concept of license before giving up the top 25 list. Comments of" get with the program, your taking the food out of the mouths of my children". Then the reps wife gets involved teaching - She does not like my sweater sets she says her husband prefers company (wrinkled ) polos and again get with the program "that they are really only interrested in my referals.. I could go on but I shake my head and am slamming this door.