Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Clown & Cat

My Kitty And Clown goofin' around Today after a quick lunch.

Free Business Calling

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If you are in the Same zone for the U.S. ; Calls are free.
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Monday, October 23, 2006

About Primerica

So, In just a few short minutes I'm leaving for my Primerica orientation.
I met Justin. I met him at Starbucks, out here in the boonies. I'm there, at the Starbucks enough to know that Justin is there at least everyother day sharing the business plan with someone. Not dressed in a suit, he's dressed like a normal human being. I overheard his 3%, 6%, 12% talk and the law of 72. So, we talked for a couple of hours. He lent me a book called Coach and went on to talk about Primerica. How they sell Term Insurance. They're a hot new, young company and that companies like NY Life just keep taking money from Middle America.

So, I read some of the book. It's very American Apple pie like in it's content.
Good and wholesome approach to life. Justin warned me that I'd find enough bad stuff out there online searching for Primerica. I've only found some things between 2002-2006 that are vaguely coherent. So, off I go, another afternoon job hunting.
I wonder about the Term Life policies being sold; in theory every new family should have one to cover their new home until they are established.

Though, who knows. I don't understand these numbers on the Term Life.
I hope to find out more today.

Here are some links that I found helpful after my meeting today (see comments):
hello it's ALE's Blog
Bryan off Topic

Sunday, October 22, 2006

There is a mentality that is tired for the 21st century.
It is the mentality of people who have it easy in the States and do not know about Asia, or Japan aside from their war experiences and handed down stories. I have met some other Halvsie// hafu people who have the same experience that I have had. It is the complete rejection of Japanese culture and/or mindset and the farce that they create by saying that Japanese is not a language, that Japanese people are all bad, that people from Japan are all crazy as well as Japanese related kin. Here on the east coast, there are pockets of small town people who still try to shove their small town view upon people of Japanese descent. They particularly hate buddhism and related people; put up a front of "cultural & racial acceptance" when in the trenches here in the working world those same people are doing everything in their power to harm people of Japanese descent.

I think that this happens frequently in small towns because the people are afraid about money issues. So afraid to pay someone who wants to visit their Japanese family, or create a positive environment. Once the racial threshold is crossed partway by those of us who are Haafu, Americans seem to think they can slander and berate our Japanese heritage without having any offense taken. Or, they're just playing dumb racist. I'm not sure which it is. Though it's an amazing array of split personalities that the racist offenders put up so that they can pretend they're understanding.

One story I heard from CT is that they're trying to declare someone who is Buddhist as "clinically insane". This person happens to have an older child in her custody as well. I have experienced the same type of intolerant attitude from people in my community. These are the same people who host Asian exchange students and then throw them out on the street for not being Christian. The same type of people who allow their children to play military torture with their adopted Asian children while these wars and negotiations are taking place. It's not right.

There are better attitudes and efforts towards multi-cultural understanding. My father was in the U.S. military and my grandfather, and great grandfather, as well as uncles. My mother is from Japan, and though things aren't perfect there is still a higher level of cultural understanding and acceptance.

Liberals, Conservatives, & Media

I am writing from my uniquely halvsie, bi-racial perspective yet again. The last bout of negotiations with N. Korea and Bush's cabinet came under attack in a personal conversation I had with a national media person. He really didn't seem to care that he jumped down Bush's throat for having anything to do with defending Japan. This person also really was mindless of my feelings, in that my family is Japanese. I made a said to him, at that point, on this issue I admire him (Bush). Yes, I'm registered green party. Though I vote the best way I can... humanely.

I think there are a significant number of Democrats and like people who really just jump on the Bash Bush bandwagon and are lead like lambs. There is an unintelligent side to American politics. The American side of "American politics". Yes, that includes me. Especially me. I paid in excess of $10,000 to Green Corps and the University of Montana to learn about American citizen politics, worked my tail off, and got slammed real hard for not being white. Even in the "Liberal corps". Yes I understand what things are, what things aren't and choose to try and save my butt the best way I can. however, I have gone for 31 years trying to fit into a society that only harms me because I'm not white, I'm Half Japanese and they attach their own jealous sentiment to how they treat me, thus adding to the misery. It is very difficult to live in a place where the people are rotten by nature; a festering pit full of chemically laden prunes that recirculate their diarrhea to refine their own level of rottenness.

That is today's opinion from this 1st generation American halvsie.

What they Really Mean...

Today; this morning in particular, I saw the morning talk news on television as I was leaving. Then some old = esteemed; glasses = nerdy/intelligent; grey= too stressed out
male said "The war is popular". I couldn't help but think...

"The War is popular"
The media is covering the War.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Samurai Modern Costume

Here's my interpretation of a Samurai costume from my closet...

Past midnight thoughts

Bush: U.S. will stop N. Korea nuke moves
President Bush said Wednesday the United States would stop
North Korea from transferring nuclear weapons to
Iran or al-Qaida and that the communist regime would then face "a grave consequence."
Web reference: AP article on Yahoo! News, Bush: U.S. will stop N. Korea nuke moves

This article headline seems quite difficult to pull of. It is known that there is al-Qaida presence in China as well as other parts of Asia. It seems to me that there woul most likely need to be a hand-off of missiles and weapons from N. Korea, to China, and through. Many people in China have behavior much like Americans. That being "need to make money, will do whatever they can get away with". So, how in the world does the U.S. plan to punish anyone. It seems that U.S. presence in Vladivostok is necessary to some extent for monitoring purposes. Since the U.S. was forced out of China there is less monitoring that can be verified by U.S. sources. China and Guangzhou, China are still creating affordable assault planes that are up for sale.
It is difficult to understand how the U.S. plans to implement any form of punishment on North Korean war-like actions without bombing the crap out of them.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

N. Korea going for the Jugular

go for the jugular to make an attack that is intended to be highly destructive and conclusive (informal)
Website Reference: http://encarta.msn.com/dictionary_/jugular.html

An Ear in the Russian Maritime area near Vladivostock died this morning. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's Rasa Theory like Buddhist approach may not save him or his peaceful motivations. "Aesthetic is secondary to whatever public sentiment is." from Buddhism in Performance. There is some major crap happening in too many segments of Japanese conventional functioning. How in the world is Shimokitazawa going to become a clear path in time for any Impending Nuclear Missile attack? Tokyo has a population of 12 million, without a major straight roadway designed through it. Evacuation seems difficult. Though, most of the Japanese cities built after the war are designed for major ordeals.
To be updated: 3:19AM EST.

Guanzhou, China - Oil, Ships & Profit

Oil, Gas & Power
China's total installed power generation capacity is expected to reach
818 mln kW by 2020, topping the world, the US Energy Information Bureau
forecasts. (China Securities Journal, A.10)

Website Reference: Interfax Article: http://www.interfax.com/4/203756/news.

Though, There is unconfirmed news from Reuters UK that China has just sent an Envoy to speak with North Korean officials.

In Vladivostok - Mayoral Candidate Dead

Website Reference: Interfax article; "Mayoral candidate killed in Russia's Far East" at http://www.interfax.com/3/204271/news.aspx

Dmitry Fotyanov died of a bullet this morning prior to the October 22, 2006 election. He was to run for Mayor for Dalnegorsk in Russia's Maritime
territory (Primorye)... per the Interfax article 05:43 GMT, Oct 19, 2006

Military & Family

You can remove the family from the military.
You can't remove the military from the family.

Vladivostock & North Korea

"These steps aim to bolster
North Korea's national security and do not threaten neighboring states,
including Russia," the North Korean diplomat said.

website reference: Interfax at http://www.interfax.com/3/203865/news.aspx

Vladivostock has been a long standing end to the Russian Oil pipeline.
It is virtually inaccessibly by any military force. It is nestled at the border of North Korea and bearing off China's north eastern most border. China alone stands the most to gain by protecting the existing and neighboring oil supplies.

China, India, North Korea, Japan, Missiles

It's just my opinion; I think that North Korea is going for the ears first; creating a racket and driving everyone crazy with paranoia. Then, they'll drive it down the jugular like a pressure hold or a gun pointed to the throat. I don't know where this will leave Japan; or, if N. Korea is the tool of China to push the pressure at Japan and then make them move. China's already made motions to cut off shipments and manufacturing of Japanese goods and food supplies. Most of Japan's food is imported from China, Australia, and other nearby nations.

The North.Korean ships that are being checked are another major concern for weapons and military movement. This is in addition to the checks that the Chinese military have upped on the N. Korean vessels. see article: Australia to ban N. Korean Ships

I understand that the Oil that was found and negotiated a little over 1 year ago is of major value to China; and they really don't want to be giving anything to Japan. And, that includes chopsticks. If the Chinese adopted Japanese chopstick styles, there would be more than enough bamboo to go around.

Additionally, India's close ties with china and their aggressive business presence may compromise any U.S. negotiations with current U.S. public opinion. Many people in the U.S.A. are extremely upset with the number of jobs leaving the U.S. for places like India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka in the tech sector for outsourcing. Cutting off our ears first, indeed.

Attack on Sri Lanka military convoy kills 92

'Threat to the peace process'
The attack comes as a Japanese envoy held talks with the Sri Lankan president Monday amid intensified diplomatic efforts to strengthen the peace process between the government and rebels ahead of scheduled talks between the two sides later this month in Switzerland.

Website reference: MSN news;

Another quotation from CNN World

The surge in violence comes as Sri Lanka faces increasing international pressure to return to the negotiating table.

Japanese peace envoy Yasushi Akashi was scheduled to hold talks with rebel leaders in the north Wednesday, according to The Associated Press.

Website reference: Cnn article "Deadly attack at Sri Lanka port
POSTED: 9:27 p.m. EDT, October 18, 2006"

I think that the release of the 24 million USD to Korea is a good move on part of the U.S. In theory, it should take some of the pressure off of the Nuclear threat.The bad part is that the Missiles seemingly exist. And, the money can be used to further fuel their troops. Humanitarian aid is essential to North Korea's survival. North Korea would be smart to invest that money in the Japanese economy. Investment isn't just a gift, it is a lifeline for those who are intelligent enough to make due with what they have. See below...

India, keen to present itself as a responsible nuclear power with a democratic polity, is worried that North Korea's move might scupper a civilian nuclear deal with the United States that was signed last year.

The agreement has been stalled in the U.S. Congress, which has to give its approval before President George W. Bush can sign it into law.

website reference: Reuters: India "India says North Korea test poses threat beyond Asia Wed Oct 18, 2006 8:00 PM IST163"

U.S. to Defend Japan

click on title for article
There is some positive news for Condoleezza Rice announcing today that the U.S. is ready to protect Japan from a Nuclear attack/ arms race developing in Asia. That the New Prime Minister Abe is totally advocating for a peaceful Japan, and to develop Japan as a global conference center for commerce.

More on a personal note; I am thankful to hear news like this. The majority of my family is in Japan; and N. JAPAN in particular. Places like Akita-ken where my Grandmother lives are directly across the Sea of Japan from North Korea. Though the Northern part of Japan has less population than the lower southern areas of Japan; if the northern parts become occupied by Koreans or Russians, then there will surely be more of an internal battle. Though, with heavy winter weather...haha... yeah it would be more like a Valley Forge military story. Not trying to make light of the situation; however the Kuril islands are still in dispute. There are old Navy military compounds that are still existing in those areas.

One of my Great Uncle' was a political prisoner in Sibera and told me stories about how they had to survive siberian prison camp. News about North Korea puts me on edge, like an impending huge hurricane or 7.0 earthquake. Once things change, it is very difficult to restore anything to a normal state.

The news about North Korea also bothers me due to the newly found oil territories in the Sea between Japan and China. Last year in July, Koizumi, prevented the onset of a war with China over the oil reserves. If North Korea has any goals to move forward and create an economy for themselves, they will most likey instigate further attacks on Japan. China will be the big sleepy giant in this battle. I would hope that the new P.M. Abe can keep North Korea cooled off

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Google Earth images...

My Quick Review of Google Earth...

I just paroozed the planet. And, I discovered that there are mountainous areas that Google Earth does not have building info or high resolution imagery. Those places include; areas of Northern Japan where my Obasan & family lives. The input data did not have prefecture information on several locations. Also, the Ithaca, NY area was quite blurry. Though, Ithaca is where the clouds go to die.

I was impressed to see the University of Montana; but couldn't quite make out the Milltown Dam though, I saw the Marker for BFI where my group did our landfill recyclables study (see photo)and I spoke at my 1st official press conference at 21 years old. And... the M! I was not totally suprised, but happy to see the M again! Much Thanks Google Earth team!!!!

You can download your Google Earth 4.0 for Beta here

Ariel Snapshot of Tokyo

Click on the image for a larger ariel view of Tokyo.

the Sim Redmond Band is playing at the Duo Music exchange on November Mon, 13 of 2006 Tokyo.
Click here for more Info!

Sounds from My old hometown...

Political Halloween Fun!


Today... I quickly constructed the below e-card image & caption for Halloween at the CostumeUniverse.com site for Halloween goodies & spectacular costumes. Above is a link on the Scottish Nato drill that they're running... from 10.5hrs ago. Scary stuff!!!!


Yo Scottie! What happened to our ship?

Addicted to Organizing

Addicted to Organizing

Some people here in the States are so suspicious and dull. I'm not talking about the Washington D.C. crowd. I mean the average Joe or Jane American who goes to work each day, flips on the 30 minute news spot and feels that's enough of the world for them for the day. Some people have an eclectic mix of Entertainment news; so they know how to look, how to act, who to talk about because they wouldn't be able to relate to each other without their entertainment.

I suppose I've had a little too much organizing experience; and I’m addicted to it. Yes, the grassroots organizer style of "talk to everyone and learn from everyone". Who's really doing what, what their ideas are and what's really going on in our local towns and at a National level? And 'Whew!' is it ever time consuming. It's the unpaid information system of how people interact. Let's face it. It's the only independent news flow that goes unimpeded by commercial advertising. My reality is that, when I click on my Yahoo or MSN news and see a photo of a woman bearing body buffers and bling... I just groan. Those photos aren't the reality that makes the world go round' like it used to. Nor is it attractive. There are so many beautiful people in the world. Why doesn't everyone attractive get paid for a commercial photo as an extension of the "seeking a perfect mate online".

So, I'm addicted to organizing; talking to people in towns over the past 4 years... hearing travel stories, hearing about homeland bouts and how it's affected the Dating scene. It is far more interesting in the Big picture. America's gotten to big and people, like kids on Christmas, expect too much for the long haul. Like a golden apple that will never tarnish, the American Ideal is an illusory device that people keep pursuing. Yeah, it drives the economy and gives each of us more options than rubbing a couple of twigs together to tempt our taste buds for a tribe braised meal.
However, what is really going on out there? Does anyone know?

My green party stance that I adopted due to a lack of actual bio-regional behavior in politics makes me applaud the latest terrorist news from our Mr. President... George Bush. News on: Hardcore Interrogation of potential terrorist threat.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Halloween Pumpkins

Acorn Pumpkin (left) & Fairy Tale Pumpkins(right) are 2 different types for the holiday season. Making pastas, pies, and just having beautiful decoration are why these pumpkins are going for $15 to $30.00

Monday, October 09, 2006

Check out Creative Commons!

For all Bloggers; get this!
Creative Commons License
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a photo for the Fall season...
By: Oko_ne 2006
Creative Commons License
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Windmills in N.E. PA

Photo is from the Highway; Penna Turnpike just above the Pocono Raceway; On A cloudy day.

by Oko_ne

Bee Photo

It's a balmy 70Farenheit outside today. This little bee was making the best of the morning.
Photo by Oko_ne
Photo Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.5 License.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Music to Listen to...

Sean Ono Lennon's new "Friendly Fire"
This is a really appropriate & intriguing piece of work. even with a little Cirque du Soleil style acrobatics in it. I'm enjoying the process that has begun in my mind watching something made by someone who has some type of similarity to me...as I never feel like I connect mentally with anyone around me (if you've read the rest of this blog you'd understand a bit why; I've grown up Halvsie in a really mundane area here called Bucks County). ; that I really didn't think would affect me in anyway.

Check out http://www.seanonolennon.com/

Much Peace,

Saturday, October 07, 2006

A story about New Orleans

Post Katrina New Hope;

I heard a story over 1 month ago; about the Katrina Disaster. The story; goes like this... from a guy with an Oceans 11 style biz. card named Larry Kullmin.
The people who had $300 to 500USD/Day drug habits were being shot by their drug dealers. The drug dealers were shooting their clients because they didn't have anything for them.

Strippers who disappeared never reappeared.

Someone said that maybe they should kidnap me. Though, there was a bust at some Oriental massage parlors who had kidnapped asian women working there. I am not one of them and, I'd love to sue the last school I worked at for Slander.

The end.

FCC Mobile Phone laws

From what I understand; even my neighbors across the street have a scanner to listen in on Mobile/cell & other phone calls; to pick up on the police radio.

And; from what I understand it's now illegal;
see the following sites:

unless they have a warrant;
for police to have scanners and listen to mobile/cell phone calls. That; the police stations are required to have new scanners that do not ? pick up on the mobile calls.

For some reason, this sounds a bit off. Does anyone know any further?

Bucks County Heroin Deaths

I am a bit upset with the following that I heard today....

That a week ago some local Doylestown kids died from taking Heroin. @ 19years old.
And, that some of the young adult dealers were being let off by the police; despite the fact that they were caught with bags of heroin. And, that it happened several times. Apparently, someone put a fetynal in the mix and it puts people into comas nearly immediately. It's really sad.

Found an article about 5 deaths here since Jan.

Though, I expect that the usual will happen; that the major dealers will get off with a bargain with the judge for a payment in excess of 25,000 USD. The dealers will continue to deal and do their thing. It's so miserable.
People just don't get it; that the dealers and distributors move into a new and "naive" area, and essentially pull the bottom out on the town or locale. Like posing Mortgage brokers to run a scam and purchase property, get people to buy, pull out the equity through purchase of their "goods". The Govt. really doesn't give a ff because they invariably get a cut of it before it's too late. Yuk.

And, in the case of the kids/ YA's- I heard that the doctor's wouldn't accept them for rehab...even with Health insurance. I'm guessing the type of doctors I've heard about who , before taking the oath, they are dealing tons of drugs to pay for their degree ...

What a rotten thing to hear. Aside from the fact that there isn't decent help in the county inside a 100 mile radius. (make that 190 miles).

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bucks County Flood Plain area

Related Articles:


Many homes in Bucks County are up for sale; and I have heard from some people that they can't get the money that they paid (on the negative side) for their homes .

Additionally; There is a new 1 year old library in Quakertown with an internet cafe. And, there have been renovations performed in Doylestown location in the past week. I wonder how this is due to the Library funding cuts since 9-11 in Philadelphia and surrounding regions.

A diary note

I realize that many of the People who reside in my surrounding community, that is less than 100,000 people, do not accept me. It has gone as far as being my physically being attacked in public, receiving broken items of mine in the mail, my car being broken into numerous times, items that I purchased (not inexpensive - like my glasses) being stolen, being told by other teachers/ collegues that I should become a prostitute; despite my daily professional dress in suits and like professional wear. All of which wouldn't happen if I were to retain a position with a reputable and diverse corporation. I have barely been hanging on financially. And, yes my life has been threatened. My independent charitable work has been squandered by other individuals including non-acceptable reprints in the newspapers where other organizations take credit for all of my work; and I get stiffed with the bill. I realize that the world isn't fair, however, they have decimated my person to no end. Many of the progressive minded people left the area last election because they could not take anymore. I have not made any money here in Bucks county; and, they have reported false incomes for me in several townships where I do not reside, nor have ever. Additionally; Many of the businesses that I have interviewed with or worked for claim their diversity because of their ability to hire Russians and that they retain minimal representatives of ethnic groups. They also slander me because of my name which sounds Celtic though, I am of 1/2 Japanese descent and look more Japanese.

This is what they call; good people, and they do everything in their power and ignorance to harm my life. They think that my Japanese family will send me money; when there are strict rules that they will not due to the further problems the people here will create in my life with more money in it. The same happened with my brother; everytime he made money through his jobs; someone would create a problem for that required funding a local lawyer. And, at one point I had to chip in too. Enough for now; vent over.

My thoughts on the Nation Today

Is it real? The 68.7Billion deficit that the U.S. has chalked up in the World? Not to mention the New defense budget. And then, how much has been sent the other direction out to the World; in addition to the Internal subsidies that the U.S.A. govt. gives to NGO's (non governmental organizations) to create more democracy.

Or is it fact that; as long as the U.S.A. has Trees and a paper supply...money can be printed by the U.S. regardless of what's in the Federal Treasury? and on which country's tab? I hear the cab drivers in Guanzhou, China are giving counterfeit out for change.

Nasa's retired shuttles seem like a new replacement of A.F. 1 so negotiations about the timeliness of Nuclear threats in N. Korea can be made face to face.
  • In 1999 people in Fl. were talking of the Infrastructure change plan for the U.S. that was set in place in the 50's and 60's. Yes, such a thing is pricey; and some of the older and top minds were stating, "People were only meant to live within a 15 mile radius; and not travel more than 5 by bike or foot."

? No money no problem; Just keep me alive. An' likewise to you.

Irradiated Spinach Here?

Quakertown, Pa , Bucks County, Race, Reality, Cobalt, Spinach, Halvsie, etc.

Homeland Security Issue; Yes, Definitely

Food is unsafe, and the area is teaming with terrorist representatives.

By Oko_ne

Many people do not understand specifically “Why” the past 3 to 4 years have been an absolute nightmare for me. I shall start with the primary issues of the area; 1. There is an Irradiation plant in Quakertown, PA. 2. The area is heavily racist and KKK/ White Supremacist based ideology is practiced.

So, I was raised here in Quakertown, PA. And, I returned here after finally having opportunity to leave a very bad relationship 1 year after completion of a B.A.. I actually had no idea that there was an irradiation plant here in Quakertown until I noticed the “No Cobalt for Food’ bumper stickers on cars here. This is unusual because normally; there are few “progressive minded” bumperstickers around. It was quite different from the Christian right fish or God or Eagles Football Team stickers.

Unfortunately; this irradiation plant has surfaced many very difficult issues in my personal life, including the loss of my brother. While alive, my younger, and only brother had a temporary work assignment at the Irradiation plant and he had told me that they, “Irradiate nearly everything you can think of.” After hearing this I was quite disturbed that he worked there at all since we are both of ½ Japanese descent and our mother battled a terminal cancer by the time I was in 1st grade. My little brother, then 23, only worked there for 4 days. He said his skull felt like it was vibrating, he felt like his teeth were going to fall out as he worked there, and that he really felt like it embodied an energy that he could only describe as death. He told me of the Homeland Security issues surrounding the place. And, that there is “Klan” here that want to use the Cobalt that is stored under the heavy water to make a bomb to use on Philadelphia. [“BTW; the Cobalt is under the heavy water so that if it blows; there is heavy water above it.”] (that statement did not make me feel safe). It was dismaying to hear the news as a 2nd cousin on my father’s side of the family who was running H.U.D. in Phila. for appx. $250,000.00/ year. Though I was happy to hear that Phila. Finally did job cuts out of financial needs…And, I really do feel for the people of Phila.; I understand my family quite well and where I rank with them due to my bi-racial genetic makeup. Me, I’m sitting here nearly penniless and unable to secure employment, which is part of why I blog.

The question about the area that I do want to answer is “Are there terrorists?”

The answer is yes, there are many representative known and armed terrorist groups lingering in the area. Here’s a small list of my horrible encounters that is big enough to cause problems for me, as I believe that my brother and I in particular are being used as scapegoats due to our Halvsie background.

· Irish Red Army

· Ku Klux Klan; and divisions thereof hiding behind the local churches; particularly Lutheran, and the Big Cavalry Baptist Church in Souderton.

· Militia from various areas; note just check truck for bumper stickers.

· World Tour/ The Walkabout yacht – the Portland crowd – though apparently bargained a job with the Feds so now they run sonar/ radar from the boat and make trips to Sri Lanka.

· Korean maffia- of unknown origin

· Taliban Supporters with airport security clearance (NJ)

Unfortunately, I was only thinking of the recent spinach disaster at the supermarkets. As, many people who are concerned about their food want to know what is going on. One of my hypothesis (as I’m sure others have their own) is that the Spinach had increased contamination rates due to irradiation. Irradiation of food is known to “speed the growth of bacteria & fungus”. This applies to nearly all spices we use to flavor our food. As my little bro said, ‘They irradiate nearly everything you can think of.” With reference to the Quakertown, PA irradiation plant that has a nearby Logistics/ truck stop as a Hub for distribution. Regardless, you’re not going to find anything good at the Irradiation plant; especially not veggies.

And, I won't get into why this plant and the people around it are an even a bigger issue that has destroyed my life;

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Yes, I have Kimono Shoulders

Over many years of having to live in the predominantly Caucasian east coast, I have suffered greatly. One of the things that I must vent is my dismay with the physical therapy department at the college in New York which I attended for my Undergraduate music degree for piano. I was on a 4.5 year track, and one day my teacher told me that my shoulders looked tightened up to him.

Here I must get into my physical construct of being half Northern Japanese particularly. My shoulders slope naturally. I do not have the typically square shoulder construct of my European ancestors. My shoulders to not break into solid horizontal lines at any point in my shoulder line; and my shoulders are shaped much more like a typical wire hanger that one receives from the dry cleaner. My shoulders are what my mother said are "Kimono Shoulders". So, under my professor's instruction I went to the Musicians clinic at the PT department where they tried to break down my natural sloping shoulders to match their own. They claimed, inreference to me ,that "[I] you have overdeveloped traps". It was quite painful. They used to ice my shoulders and then sink their hands into them and then used an ultrasound device on my shoulders. I felt bad all the way around.

My mother taught me that I have kimono shoulders after the humiliating ordeals I went through in Middle school and High school in Pennsylvania; to be fitted for choir dresses that had shoulder pads. There were at least 2 instances where the fitters made a public example of me and called all the women in the choir over to marvel and laugh at my "no shoulders".

I still don't understand why people expect me to look at them in over 31 years of intolerance and ignorance with a smile. I have tried my best. Next blog; Why I started an "animal rights group" and changed some of the food choices at my undergrad college....hint 'I was getting ill on the food they served' and was eating shojin ryori style for nearly a decade prior to college dining hall food.

Much Peace,