Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Sharing Culture with The PA Deutsch

In Elementary School I was the only kid with summertime brown skin. I remember going to elementary school and being teased and beaten up every recess by 5 girls who hated my skincolor. The aides on recess duty used to standby and watch me being beaten by other kids; swung by my hair and pushed into the dirt. The teachers and recess duty aides never interfered.

It became such a problem that they asked my mother to come into class and try to teach the children for 1 day; something about Japan. I remember each year; for 2 years; my mother visited my class and showed them Japanese writing and wrote their names in Japanese.
I remember that these kids returned home and showed these things to their parents. The following weeks became more brutal to me at school. Several of the children were instructed by their families that Japanese people were bad. I was brutalized more at school; despite my natural born American citizen status. Just so they could play their own political game. These Children who beat me or assisted or approved are now adults and parents in the same community; as well as others. It has been 18 years since then; things have not improved.