Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Links to Professional Amer-Asian Articles

Diversity training needed for Small Businesses: Not necessarily about being Halvsie
I remember a short stint I served as a Personal Assistant. I, a Halvsie, was asked to call a temp agency and fill a work order to get some work done under contract. The employees the temp agency sent to fill the work order were African-American. I, a halvsie, was under contract with the company's owner. He, the company owner, screamed at me after locking himself in his workspace; -- yelling at me for the "color" of the work crew that was sent. As a contractor, i have no recourse in such an abusive situation to me because of someone else's racism. I cried alone at lunchbreak each day;-- my tears nearly filling the hour for the duration of that job.

see below for reasons to work in Corporate America as opposed to the contracting world:
Good site Articles to read about Amer-asian:

Asian Americans in Corporate America: By Jane Hyun

Why Are Asian American Executives Scarce: By Dan Woog


  1. The thing is, as bad as it is for you being half Japanese. It is worse being ANY part of Black and worse yet being ALL. Not just America hates you, the WORLD because of the power of racist American cancer hates you!

  2. I fail to understand that entirely Zen. African-American/ Black people of the United States have great strength in their numbers, their communities, in their faith, and their stature.
    I know that I have a different "American cancer" to combat; the real kind inherited from Hiroshima being bombed. My mother was born soon after that event; It is a real consideration in my life that I will eventually gain. And, there's no one saying sorry.

  3. Btw Zen; as Half Japanese; I am part of the less than .1% of the entire population of the U.S.A. Whereas; there is more understanding in Japan.