Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Links to Professional Amer-Asian Articles

Diversity training needed for Small Businesses: Not necessarily about being Halvsie
I remember a short stint I served as a Personal Assistant. I, a Halvsie, was asked to call a temp agency and fill a work order to get some work done under contract. The employees the temp agency sent to fill the work order were African-American. I, a halvsie, was under contract with the company's owner. He, the company owner, screamed at me after locking himself in his workspace; -- yelling at me for the "color" of the work crew that was sent. As a contractor, i have no recourse in such an abusive situation to me because of someone else's racism. I cried alone at lunchbreak each day;-- my tears nearly filling the hour for the duration of that job.

see below for reasons to work in Corporate America as opposed to the contracting world:
Good site Articles to read about Amer-asian:

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