Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Amer-Asian Mental Health Resources

I am beginning to compile some online references about Asian Health. I know that I am particularly sensitive to medications; and frequently cannot take prescription or any conventional synthesized medicaton/drug due to heightened side effects and sensitivity. The Toxicity testing performed on one race varies for those who are of mixed caucasian and non-caucasian racial background. Those who are of mixed race are more susceptible to the side-effects of prescription medication occuring immediately.
The Following is from the National Alliance on Mental Illness website pdf link below:

• Asian Americans require sensitivity when being prescribed medications as they may react differently
to the medications than other cultures, in terms of side effects and toxicity.
• The majority of Asian Americans seek alternative modes of treatment for illnesses. Some alternative
modes of care, such as herbal treatments, may interfere with prescription medications.
• Genetic alterations may cause differences in the metabolization of prescription drugs. Specifically,
many Asian Americans have a genetic alteration that decreases the metabolic rate of the
IID6 isoenzyme - which is responsible for metabolizing tricyclic antidepressants and many antipsychotics.
• Differences in body fat and diet may result in fluctuating responses to prescription medications.