Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Update from 8PM New Hope

  • Odette's is 50% consumed by water; no entry to the parking lot.
  • Water Works is 1/3 under water
  • Parking Garage is filled to 1st level and was spewing water
  • Water View is also 1/3 under water
  • downtown main street water levels rose; but not overwhelmed the businesses yet.
Despite the flood warning of 8ft swell at Trenton, NJ. It seems that many people may expect the 8ft. swell at New Hope, PA. Tonight's news showed the Lehigh Valley and a 35 ft. swell is on its way! There is another thing about New Hope, PA -- that the swell may be at least 19 feet and will reach the center of the road.

Much luck to all!!!