Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Race and the Metrics of surviving in American Culture as a person of Half-Asian descent; the Case of a Halvsie

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Anti-Global Racism:
Racism that supersedes mapped boundaries

By: Angela M. Kneale copyright 1996
Journaled Notes from my own personal discourse:
Not supported by government and living in white communities; White Government has little to no support for people of mixed descent. They do not acknowledge the issue of a person of mixed-race who invariably encounters racism from many people of singular racial descent. This is a separate issue from parents in these communities who house trans-racially adopted children from non-white nations. This is not to say that all the parents are bad, or are mindless and un-thoughtful to their children. However, as a teacher who is of Asian descent; I have been immediately met with the words of some of these parents. Where;- they circumvent the polite practice of the basic “Hi, how are you?” and immediately substitute a very loud “What are you?”. It is very inappropriate to address a person of unknown racial background with a question one could only address to talking furniture.

The racism of the Environmental movement; white Caucasians learning to work with people from varying ethnic background; how people in America have take a Disney Song beautifully performed by Vanessa Williams, and turned the words if the song into a verification for the racist behavior embodied in the words, “You think the only people who are people, are the people who look and think like you.” from the Disney Song titled the Colors of the Wind.

While working the other day: I discovered that my employer/contracted work that I was; and made me of reference to my psychological thinking on my part; as if I was to share his brain, approach to life, etc.;- and when will people realize that my experience is not the same as theirs by a long shot; they won’t even give me the gift of having a job who here I am not harassed. They hear how Asian workers are treated on the news and seem to treat me in as similar manner because they feel that they are justified in their behavior, at least here in this state where I live.

In Thailand, there are too many people who do fester diseases that are STD’s. Much of the fear with protecting their family women is to keep them safe from the harassing and nagging presence of European men and American men. These are men who are infatuated with the idea of the exotic silent subservient devotee. These foreign men treat nearly all Thai women as prostitutes regardless of who the women are and whether these women are mothers and have a family and children.

My Ranting…..seamless….

Did anyone notice; does anyone care: is this country the U.S.A. and my supports are so poor in mindset, action, and economy that I cannot afford to visit my grandmother in Japan? No matter what I seem to do; someone is always directing their anger at me; they scoff at me and put me down; tell me how well they treat visiting Asians from other countries who are pure-breeds of race though not nationality; not me of ½ Asian descent. There is no fighting their lies; their constant Gemini persona; that I mean the society around me; the country side that I will refer to as the Great White American ghetto; it’s not the cities so much; where people are pressed against each other in close proximity on a daily basis; in the real melting pot of America; not in the countries w here people live like outlaws who have taken over the sheriff’s department; they lie; make up their own rules; discard federal law as well as many state laws; they then claim that hey are insulted by accusations of the introvert racism; that the accuser is the racist trying to blame someone white; they make it very clear that there is not enough here for them to share with people of other cultural background s an races; they devise their arguments in ways that keep the min control; which is why there is a state wide crisis; there are no longer funds to support life here in the even t o f a crisis; why there is reason grate of militia activity and out ward presence; they have stolen my identity and un around with my name and credit cards; I tried at one point to report the violence and harm that they caused to my person; they turned me away once they saw my color and made derogatory statements towards me in the process; they tell me I lie about possessing a degree-I live in a primarily undereducated area called Bucks County; where money is al that exists to the m and the fact that I even have a degree that I completed is not a believe able fact to the white man here; they are really deplorable; they compare me to someone who is more Asian looking on their white mindset; they are derogatory towards me most of the time; they do not respect me in anyway though I must perform; and I have grown weary of the daily ordeal of putting up with their attitude; even personal relationships seem not to harbor enough trust; they damage me, an then turn around and tell me that I damage myself with my attempts to utilize the laws on the books; I have lost all sense of safety here; I fear for my life daily; I have post traumatic stress disorder; it is no longer a joy to live; the people who are in my environment think that I was raised with no values; from my perspective; they are not any different than gunner city gang members; the only difference is the environment that they live in; that they control the law; one prime example is that of the suicide bereavement group; Coincidentally; the pastor who was at the Lutheran Church; St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Richlandtown, PA the person who runs the suicide bereavement group in Bucks County; I remember many Sunday School Classes with him and hearing my little brother arguing with him; it was a church where we were humiliated in front of people for our color and race and Asian family values; that Pastor also lost his 2 children to suicide; In my mind this is not the type of person who should be running a suicide bereavement group In the mind of the people here; it makes him an authority. They say that I am insane and should be committed when they who are making such a call to not possess a quality College or University Education; they are not doctors; and then; they doubly call me absolutely a nut case for having a Jewish ’therapist”. They want to be famous in the most deplorable white neo-American-Nazi way possible; they enjoy knowing that they can walk around with guns and kill people; that this state called Pennsylvania; I raised my rates to keep away the all phone calls and scumbag advances on my person that the School is so trying to promote; they treat me worse than the garbage that they throw out on a daily basis; they do not put me on an employee payroll and pay me a normal wage on the books as a contractor; that is the only work that I have and did not have any health insurance or benefits nor can I afford to retain such things on my own; I figured it out one day; that I am paid less than a Mexican immigrant worker; I have more liabilities; and less to live on outside areas on able life with outside of a dumpster where I could hunt for food;