Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Problems With Women's Assistance here where I live

  1. Racially Discriminatory - against minorities; In Counseling; In their Thrift Store; lemme translate in a brief summary; Give you help to make you poor .
  2. The Thrift Store is next to the Storage facilities where most women would need to store things.
  3. Women at the thrift store are closed minded racists.
  4. Counseling is racially derogatory towards minority women; they do not allow you access to laws; and try to keep it out of the legal system until you're beyond repair financially and otherwise.
  5. Will not issue PFA even on police advise.
  6. Will not assist in filing sexual assault charges
  7. Do everything in their power to keep Caucasian men in power.
  8. Do not offer a safe-house when stalked; sexually assaulted; abducted; aggravated assault victim; and can identify the person.
  9. Person who is the attacker calls your "lawyer" obtained through the service and cuts a deal with her.
  10. You are left having to donate any and all belongings to the organization because you no longer have work or a place to live.