Monday, June 19, 2006

My Mission Statement

Please post a comment if you agree. I have had this group since 1996.
about me: I am a haafu or Hapa of 1/2 Japanese descent. Japan is where my mother was born and raised into adulthood before moving to the United States against the wishes of her brother & sister and those who cared for her. I would rather be embarassed about my life, than dead by racist and hateful minds entirely. Ganbatte Yo!

Much Peace,

The following is also written by yours truly;
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Angela M. Kneale copyrighted 1996

Our Philosophy

We the members of Pangea believe that Animals have intrinsic value of their own and should not be reduced to human commodities. We believe that Animals have rights that are at least equal to those of humans in basic standing, and that Animals must be granted due action of these rights for their own preservation. These rights must also be respected and upheld.

We recognize that human industries which use animals or part of an animals, also promote the exploitation of humankind and our planet. These industries must be persuaded to halt their immoral practices and make progressive changes to uphold the integrity of our plant’s species and ecosystems.

Human Benefits
By acknowledging, respecting and upholding these rights, we humans will benefit from a healthier environment= (reduced moral, social and environmental degradation.)