Wednesday, June 28, 2006

More Photos of Oko_ne

Over the years I have also tried changing my appearances to become more acceptable to the average person in the U.S. who I encounter in my necessary and basic interactions for life. People definately react to me differently when they see me in clothing that I detest (though picked out by someone completely different from me-- and Caucasian). I have come to realize that people don't like me. They react to the image of my clothing (no matter how american countryside thrift store it looks). Though; I like asian designed clothes...I still have issues of the American company thievery in selling goods and not returning the money owed to Asia. But, i suppose it's better than the story I heard from a biz. owner here who had his goods made in Mexico 1st but who was also blamed for the factory burning to the ground. And then, the issues surrounding Asian sweat shops.
This progressed even to the point of my over zealous hair colorist bleaching too much of my long hair to look more like eveyone else here. (though I don't think I ever want that thick squareface look.) I do have a long list of product complaints that cost me several hundreds of dollars and caused more skin damage than good. I found 1 bottle of beNice and other Lion soap that works for my face. Basic Soap here is expensive and damaging to my bi-racial skin; aside from the fact that i'm allergic to apples and malic acid. Esolis even went out of Business...but was good for my skin...and showed positive results.