Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Minorities Moving to Suburbia: Give consideration

When Moving: Consider the Jurisdiction of the New Township:
For the Single Minority Female; For Family with minority Children.

Angela “Oko_ne” Kneale

1. In instance of sexual assault… how do the police; legal services; Women's Support group; work for someone who is a minority in that town.

2. When a lawyer is hired; and a judge decides that it is because of the other person's culture that it is acceptable for them to sexually harass you (when you are a biz owner.) Case of the Asian Business owner; who is a female and who has a husband and children; Harassed on the sidewalk outside her business; and coerced to leave; sell, due to the actions that a neighboring Italian business (serving veal) took in order to create more legal problems for the woman.

3. Neighborhoods of Trophy wives are no good for young women; their men prey on the single women; on your life; they single out minority women especially; because they are non-white and are typically easy to destroy in the workplace, professionally, and publicly in predominantly white areas. Police do not assist in any manner that takes time away from their other duties; because there is little chance that anything will happen to the perpetrator or assailant due to the fact that securing a supportive non-racist jury will be possible.

4. The Law" of the white then transfers to your children in school and elsewhere; parents rarely stand up for their children because they will be affected in their work for 'being a problem" or viewed as "someone with an attitude. Even with legal involvement; there is no Supreme Court hearing if it cannot get beyond the local level.

5. No matter how good a student the minority child is in a homogenized race environment; there will be other students; and faculty who will cause the student to fail.

6. Selecting a therapist from your insurance plan who is unbiased. Unlike people from the city where there is more diversity;
The Suburbs are a difficult place to find an unbiased therapist; where their religion; their racist tendencies--whether deliberate or not will shine through in your therapy sessions; and then; you are diagnosed crazy and unsuitable for work…This is not to say that the therapist who is of one race or another is necessarily racist. It is to say that there are many people who are Caucasian from racist backgrounds who infiltrate all walks of life. They carry these beliefs with them in their professional conduct. The same people use their children to make examples of teachers and other minority "role models" And intense period screening families and clients for the minority professional is suggested, though with a fee. You must make sure that there is some precedent to taking on white Caucasian clients who are not going to walk in and destroy your business; this writer took the advice of 1 person who ran the organization; and; -- upon meeting the host family and seeing the environment was extremely skeptical of the person's intent;; That person when allowed in the group cost the contractor teacher more than $1500 and mental damage from her abusive and racist standpoint. Advice from the writer; trust yourself; don't trust what other people who are Caucasian have done for you.

7. Legal Services in the event of Sexual Assault: Read above.

8. Also; as a minority female; remember we look particularly young for our age (in comparison with our Caucasian peers). Be careful and try to avoid areas with a high rate of adoptee who are trans-racially placed; I will relate one unfortunate instance where I was at an Art Museum with the Artistic Director and her Husband from a client school of mine. The Artistic Director was approached by someone at the museum who commented on how I was such a beautiful adoptee. This created issues with the artistic director and I. That School became a non-client, rather rapidly, due to the ensuing ill behaviors of the Artistic director who later influenced the Executive Director about my new 'child' status. That was 4 years ago, and today, I am 31.

9. I, the author of this article live in an area where:
  • I must spend a day in Philadelphia (appx 60 miles 1 way + parking) to get in the door of the EEOC Equal opportunity Commission.
  • I must spend another day or more; trying to secure time to leave my place of employment to have time to file a complaint.
  • The local Human Rights commission office for Bucks County; Buckingham township; Richland Township is in Philadelphia (another County entirely)
  • It is known that the local Human Rights type agency for Human Rights Violations is more proud of the fact that they collect complaints than helpful in executing actual complaints on a federal level.
  • The Community is racially biased
  • The ACLU protects the Rights of the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) and other like-minded terrorist organizations.

Above to be edited at a future date. last update 6/20/2006

Angela M. Kneale Copyright 2006
Angela M. Kneale © 2006