Monday, June 26, 2006

language letter to Multicultural admissions

Oko_ne copyright 2006
I am posting this to my blog as an example letter to a school that has a seemingly huge party school reputation in Pennsylvania and;-- it is a school that has also secured some state funding for multicultural development. I gave it much consideration before applying. I am a halvsie; My largest fear is that they pass it over due to my very Celtic name my mother was forced to choose for me. The letter follows, though bullets are not fomatting properly for use in this blog.
Dear Hiring Manager,

I am responding to your posting for Assistant Director of Admissions on the Kutztown University Human Resources website. I have 10 years of recruitment experiences in varied locales and populations including; schools and organizations in NY, PA, DC, MD, MT, CA as well as consciously working for social change and multicultural understanding. Independently, I am a fluid communicator of hybridism with a wide range of people skills rooted in varied cultural backgrounds of the U.S. and varied Asian populations. This communication began in my youth and includes my outreach with regional translocated Asian populations to create community understanding of particular cultural and cross-cultural, and multi-ethnic issues. Some highlights of my involvement include:

* Recruitment of Student body for a Community Music School left without teachers & student
* Organized home-stay of 25 Chinese Exchange Students to Doylestown, PA area.
* 1994- 2000 Member of Ithaca College Asian American society
* A high percentage of Multi-ethnic backgrounds in my private piano studio for individual lessons.

Conversational and presentation skills;

* As an environmentalist I have conversed with timber industry workers on clean water initiatives in the state of Montana to gain qualifying signatures for citizens’ initiatives.
* Worked alongside a top Information Technology industry business leader and entrepreneur to procure Higher Education clients.
* Media spokesperson on Rights issues at; press conferences, live t.v. interview, newsprint; as well as, live public presentation.

My acquired skills as a consultant include effective communication for projects to meet client requirements. I have used my prior academic training as a grassroots organizer to juggle these and other multiple projects constricted by deadlines. And have dedicated time to causes as necessary. I have attached my complete resume for your review.

Much Peace,